Performance indicators and standards for Polish research libraries

Lidia Derfer-Wolf, Ewa Dobrzynska-Lankosz, Wanda Dziadkiewicz, Miroslaw Gorny, Elzbieta Gorska, Artur Jazdon, Anna Sokolowska-Gogut, Teresa Wildhardt


The article discusses proposed standards for Polish research libraries evaluation. At the beginning, the authors present the situation of research libraries in Poland. They write about the effects of the social-political transformation in the 90s, present selected statistical data, and describe the progress in computerisation. The following part of the article relates to the currently applied in Poland standards of library evaluation. Discussed are e.g. the presently applied tools for data collection and analysis. The last part includes proposed methods for the preparation of standards and assessments for Polish research libraries.


research libraries; library standards;

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