"Freshest advices"?: the currency of London news in Dublin City newspapers, 1790 - 1801

Sarah Catherine McDonald


This paper summarises a MLIS dissertation which studied the currency of news, sourced from London newspapers and re-printed in Dublin City newspapers, during the final decade of the eighteenth century. London was a vital communications network hub for the dissemination of information, consisting of British and Foreign Intelligence, to Irish port cities such as Dublin. Using the resources of recently digitised London and Dublin newspaper series, it was possible to build a model which accurately represents the transmission time for London 'News' into Dublin editorial offices. The model provides a frequency distribution from which the minimum, maximum and average transmission times are established. It is argued that the same method can reliably be applied to determine the transmission time for news from the main European cities to London and Dublin.


newspapers; information currency; information dissemination; digital surrogate; foreign intelligence; packet ship; mail; news

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