The NHS/HE Forum

Paul Ayris, Malcolm Teague


This paper discusses the formation of the NHS-HE
Forum by Professor Roland Rosner in 200 I . It looks
at the aims and objectives of the Forum and maps
current progress. The second part of the paper looks
particularly at the NHS-HE Procurement Group and
the later JISC NHS-HE Procurement Group, which are
part of the Forum. These groupings have been partially
successful in conducting joint procurement activity
across the NHS and HE sectors. The publication of Dr
lan Gibson's Parliamentary Report Scientific Publications:
Free for All? is seminal in progressing this joint acrivity.
As of I February 2006, joint membership of the Public
Library of Science has been achieved, but one joint
procurement activity of commercial content has failed.
Further joint procurement is planned, along with a
mapping study of procurement activities and work on
an Athens Account Linking Project. The library and
informatics research componenrs are coming to the
fore with the use of a community-wide survey to
establish the current situation and future plans for
NHS-HE network connectivity and similarly the
Mapping Study of Procurement Practices in the NHS
and HE for content such as e-journals. This is moving
to a more systematic approach than previously. The
attempted joint procurement of selected journals has
two joint aims: to support both research and clinical
practice in the NHS and HE.


NHS-FE Forum; Dr. Ian Gibson; procurement; Athens; e-journals; research; clinical practice; licensing; connectivity; collaboration; JANET; UKERNA; Thornhill Report; N3; M25

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