Stock management in public libraries: recent and current research.

Geoffrey Smith


The stock is one of the key assets of public library
services, fundamental to the delivery of their
objectives, and its management is central to the
effective management of public library
authorities. The introduction of the UK
Government's 'Best Value' initiative, part of its
programme for modernising local government,
involves the questioning of all policies and
practices: it will mean further critical examination
of stock management and an important research
role. Those who hoped that the library
supply industry would have stabilised in the years
following the demise of the Net Book Agreement
and Library Licence have been disappointed. more study is needed into then selection, acquisition and management of
materials other than books in public libraries. Best
practice needs to be shared. Replication of
the survey of American Association
of Publishers and the American Library
Association could provide a valuable context for
future studies of the trade.


stock management; aquisition, selection; Audit Commission; Best Value; guidelines

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