Book Reviews

Charles Oppenheim, Philip Redmond Drew, Patricia Layzell Ward, Ian M Johnson, Linda Kerr, Ian Haydock, Andrew Dalgleish


Librarianship and information work worldwide 1998
Maurice Line, Graham Mackenzie, Paul,Sfarges (eds.)

Handbook of special librarianship and information work
Alison Scammell (ed.)
Survey of library services to schools and children in the UK
Claire Creaser and Alison Murphy

Modelling use at individual service points Claire Creaser
Library and information studies: research and professional i
practice (Proceedings of 2nd British-Nordic Conference 1997)
Micheline Beaulieu, Elisabah Davenport, Nils Ole Pors

Thesaurus construction and use: a practical manual
Jean Aitchison, Alan Gilchrist, David Bawden

Going online, CD-ROM and the Internet Phil Bradley
The Internet for library and information serrice professionals
Andy Dawson

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