IT in public libraries: seeking out the user's perspective.

Colette Coles


Explores the results of interviews with 301 public
library users regarding users' attitudes to IT and
levels of IT literacy. Attitudes averaged 47%
positive, 30% negative and 23% neutral. Other
views concerned the impact of technology on work,
children and quality of life. Library users displayed
varying levels of IT literacy. Six types of users were
identified: non-users (technophobes);
reluctant/anxious; work-related; casual/occasional ;
experience/regular and high flyers (technophiles). lt
is essential to understand how public library users
perceive lT if electronic sources are to be
successfully implemented in public libraries.


users' attitudes; IT literacy; impact; work; quality of life; non-users; reluctant; anxious; casual; occaisional; high flyers; technophiles; electronic resources

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