The Electronic Libraries programme: A progress report.

** Russell


To give a progress report or a "snapshot" of the Electronic Libraries Programme is a challenging task. The programme, while still in its early stages, is progressing and expanding at a rapid rate. As libraries everywhere continue to grapple with and understand new information technologies,
the eLib programme also reacts and adjusts to new developments. This article will attempt to give
an overview of current eLib status by offering some examples and illustrations which, it must be remembered, form only a part of a much larger whole. Although the eLib programme consists of many projects, its strength is in the knowledge gathered and disseminated by the programme in its entirety. While individual projects have individual deliverables, the main deliverable of the eLib programme is knowledge - it seeks to provide answers to the important question of how UK academic libraries' services can best support and progress their HE Institutions into the 21st century.


Electronic Libraries Programme; new information technologies; eLib; new developments; knowledge; deliverables; academic library services; support; progress

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