Using diaries to collect data

Deborah Goodall


During 1993- 1995 CERLIM carried out research on franchised higher education courses. The aim of the project was to provide a clear understanding of how library services are being and could be provided to support franchised courses, how students meet their library and information needs, and
what might improve the nature and level of library support. The core of the project was an investigation of the actual experience of students on franchised courses in relation to the provision and availability of library resources. A sample of 45 off-campus students together with a control sample of 46 in-house students was selected from a range of five subject disciplines. Participating students kept diaries to record their
everyday experiences of using libraries as they completed pieces of assessed work and were engaged in follow-up focus group discussions with the researcher. This article describes the use of diaries as a research tool in this context.


CERLIM; franchised higher education courses; support; library needs; information needs; students; experience; provision; availability;

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