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Colette Coles, John Sumsion


This is a remarkably successful enterprise and a
splendid example of 'how to do it right' in so
many ways. As a reference book it compiles a
fantastic amount of information useful to IT
practitioners and library managers' As a
collection of statistics it provides solid evidence
for the history of public library automation in the
1980s and 1990s. To keep policy makers' feet on
the ground it provides essential information on
which electronic materials and services have
already been taken up by public library users'
The combination of these three goals in a single
volume works excellently: the whole is so much
more valuable and exciting than would be a more
'logical' separation into parts. The fact that this is
number six in a series of comparable data
stretching back to 1984 makes it possible to see
the historical context clearly. Chris Batt is
personally responsible for this continuity: he
deserves the gratitude and encouragement of the
whole profession.


information technology; public libraries; Automated circulation systems; catalogues; aquisition systems; Community Information; Open Learning; CD ROMS; Internet; LMS; online searching; electronic information; charging policies;

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