Research Seminar Reports

David Nicholas, Margaret Katny, Catherine Harada, Pankaj Pandit


Researching the media

Newspaper cuttings collection and online
information systems at the BBC World Service Information Research Unit.
Based on research conducted between July and December 1992, this paper aims to investigate the frequency of online searching and volume of cuttings usage in order to answer enquiries from joumalists. It presents the level of satisfaction with the two information sources, points out their
advantages and drawbacks and examines their value from the point of view of journalists and information assistants.

Sexism in children's picture books: an update.
As sexism in picture books is now rarely discussed except in the occasional column announcing the failure of non-sexism, a quantitative survey of sexism in contemporary children's picture books was due.What lies ahead?

Looking into the future of independent broadcasting libraries in England and Wales. Over the past couple of years the broadcasting industry has been in a state of flux. Several reasons have contributed towards this discontentment. The main contention has been the enactrnent of the Broadcasting Act 1990. The philosophy behind the Act was to increase competition and to give way to a free market broadcasting environment


research profile; lecturers; collaboration; online searching; cuttings; sexism; children's literature; picture books; stereotypes; broadcasting libraries; future; trends

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