Changes in the employment market for information professionals?

Madeline Laqueur


Expanding upon the brief introduction given in LIRN 57, this article focuses upon some problems arising from the relationship between the education and training sector for information professionals and the employment market in the Netherlands. As a result of the 1990 state-of-the-art study Functional analysis of the curricula in the information
services sector new initiatives were taken by schools and training institutions, national organizations began innovative projects, and other studies were carried out. In 1992 a survey New markets for the information professional? was carried out; a brief outline is given. This study explored the way educators and professional bodies in the libraries and information services sector respond to the developments in the employment sector, and specifically in the emerging new market.
The ensuing thorough assessment of curricula is described, as are reactions to the assessments from professional associations and practitioners.


employment market; Netherlands; education and training sector; information professionals; professional bodoes; educators; emerging new market

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