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Milan affirms brunt flying ala does not have A Shuai of predestined relationship fierce fight Cling to the god is destined above edition

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Milan affirms brunt flying ala does not have A Shuai of predestined relationship fierce fight: Cling to the god is destined above edition
In experience change twice after field, field of AC Milan guest is opposite the match of a Kaliyali is returned certainly eventually will scattering Ding Dao to hold, alaigeli is met head-on old advocate before, the Baluoteli below his novice is inescapable topic, and the person that he also shows Baluoteli to make newspaper front page inherently namely.
Alaigeli mentioned the stadium conflict of this a week above all, a week of in the past, we care our training only, because we want to be opposite blast is a very good team, they have very outstanding talent player, is not just have a very difficult conquer advocate. We Discount Nike Shoes present place is good, but pressure depends on, we cannot desertion mark, want to know we leave a bureau in very adverse circumstance, and the respect in Ka Liya, their attack strength is very good, in there is Asituoli again on the line of defence after mixing, kong Di such player. Accept Ying Gelan cannot come on the stage, but Aikedaer and Desaina very file.
Go up round of match, the hair of circumstance right-hand seat that Baluoteli gets hurt temporarily in Paqini comes on the stage, and Paqini still does not have selected name sheet now, when Alaigeli speaks of Baluoteli, say: Baluoteli is the sort of is destined the player of above edition, he is bearing to come from at media exceeding pressure, and the everything that he does is met by local enlarge. Again besides, alaigeli still spoke of the action on tactics of benefit of Ba Luo spy, he is capable to make a very good secondary attack person, what what he needs to rise is the condition on the body only, because of him already 3 months do not have kickball.
Alaigeli also spoke of sharp edge line going up the choice of a hair, because Italian media says AC Milan is in experiment after 4-3-3, use the battle array of 4-2- imagination very likely, the trident back of salad dimension, Baluoteli and Ni Ang puts Bo Yang, the waist after two are being put again behind Spaish, alaigeli says: This is a kind of choice in my brain, I can use this kind of battle array in the match, and the rich raise play in forward back is good. Hind on line of defence, kangsitante and Meikesi had recovered, and Abate comes on the stage recently some are much, so Dexiliao will turn around tomorrow hair. It is nevertheless in name sheet, kangsitante is done not have selected, dexiliao and Abate are accordingly possible a hair come on the stage.
AC Milan name is single:
Door general: Abiyadi, ameiliya, gabriel
Full back: Abate, anthony Buddhist nun, dexiliao, mei Kesi, ye admire this, zakaerduo
In: Anbuluoxini, bo Ateng, kangsitante, fulamini, mengdali, nuoqielinuo, telaolei
Forward: Baluoteli, bo Yang, salad dimension, ni Ang, luo Bini abstruse

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