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Don't mention it of Weng Meiling broadleaved epiphyllum designs professional casting to be savoured with respect to vogue1

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Don't mention it of Weng Meiling broad-leaved epiphyllum designs professional casting to be savoured with respect to vogue
Fashionable goddess out designs a schoolAppearance is beautiful, dress up fashionable Weng Meiling, became almost whole the 70 goddess after. The move of goddess is installed dress up at that time, also by people in succession follow the lead of, its are proud of the personFashionableSavour grind with its repaired design major is inseparable. It is since Weng Meiling is 15 years old in the center of London art and major of design institute spin read 4 years, took literary person degree 1981. After graduation, weng Meiling took the company of Xia Er of British famous stylist, when assistant design. After working half an year, she returns Hong Kong, from now on life shunt. StripeFlared trousers of collocation of thick hemp cape, meticulous liner fastens grid shirt with color, all show modern 60 time rock and roll wind. Boximiya breaks even the body the flower grows skirt, melting cultivate one's morality, louis vuitton backpack purse coat of unlined upper garment of tie-in and red louis vuitton steamer trunk hair, lukewarm warm color tone and. The broken flower of bud silk joining together grows skirt, the design of detail lets vogue savour rise suddenly, the beautiful jacket of bud silk hubble-bubble of tie-in echo quality of a material, princess wind is dye-in-the-wood. Was tired of small fresh rural wind, set off of amice of aureate jacquard weave, wine red silks and satins grows skirt, the daughter of an eminent family in peremptory Gu Bao. The collision of different stripe, in 80 time Weng Meiling with do a familiar work with ease, of black gray qualitative tall waist one pace skirt, the stripe scarf of tie-in green white alternate with, decorous vogue, pure white jacket is removed among them, the clever vision that avoided a case collision generation is fatigue. Stripe shirt gets bowknot tie of the mouth, the shirt that lets neuter change has feminine taste more. The unified black of the hairstyle of neat brightness and whole body, tie-in and harmonious, highlight mysterious, spell able temperament, the clever design of collar and arm and attentive and tie-in gauntlet, let onefold tonal no longer depressing. The collocation that sweethearts installs also is not commonly used heart. The unity of color, do not forget on body of male and female each leave different window. White is recreational outfit, the chromatic chatelaine correspondence that the pine between dress waist breaks down wears what men's clothing collarband follows a gender to open wide, recreational and fashionable. Attend an activity, with the Western-style dress echo of money of male and female, and the dangler sunglasses reflect that deserves to act the role of, obtain different fund but the unity of the sweethearts dress of sympathize. Outspread read:

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