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Everton manager David Moyes to be named as Sir Alex Ferguson's successor at Manchester United

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Amusing animal books

I probably read it in 1959 when it was first published in paperback (oh, yuk you say, showoff! So do I!).

I loved particularly Family .", the anarchistic family organisation, organisation and life was like a wholesome version of my family life. early life was rather emotionally

Of course, from the references to his family his brother, I tracked down his brother work dire for a young school kid, so not read, and probably cheap nba jerseys never will.

No, I haven been to the zoo on Jersey (I only been to Guernsey).

salamanda, regarding your answer "Oh yes . ": I probably couldn't read "The Alexandria Quartet" now, either. It was tough slogging in places. But some of the characters stand out in my mind even nowNaruse, for one, of course. And Balthazar. Lawrence Durrell was a British diplomat during WW2, in Egypt I think. And the Quartet's associated with a certain excitement about lifeit was my first year away from home, and I had met someone who could help me live up to my ideal for myself as intellectual, unconventional, one of the literati. Fortunately or unfortunately, you can take the girl out of the country but you can't take the country out of the girl. I still have an accent and am outspoken even if I don't know what I'm talking about! Sigh.

The Zoo on Jersey was really wonderful, by the way. Durrell lived in a Frenchstyle manor house on the grounds. This was in 1976 so I think it was before Lee, the young lady he was married to for the last 10 years or so before he died in.1998, I think. A gentleman named John Hartley helped Durrell manage the zoo and grounds. Durrell was trying to breed several endangered species therecheetahs, lemurs, and several kinds of birds. He kept churning out the books, which became rather formulaic, but his public loved them anyway.

When I was little, my grandmother had one Guernsey cow and one Jersey cow. I don't know why neither kind became the animal of choice for dairy farms in this country. (Lucky them, actually!)

That should be a nice dose of more than you every wanted to know about my grandmothers cows!

CalGal intriguing, which country accent? Jersey cows are dairy cows but they produce milk with a high fat level, making for very rich, yellow double cream. I suspect Guernseys would be similar. Jerseys are not much used commercially, I would expect because the milk was just too rich for common consumption. I also have a vague memory that Jerseys are not heavy milkers.

When I was a kid, sometimes Johnny Morris would do one of his 'Animal Magic' programmes from Jersey, presumably from the zoo. And there is another vague memory of seeing a TV programme on their research. (But so vague decades in the mists.)

As for outspoken, I also am like that you may notice that it sometimes surfaces here at Askville ^_^ though I do try to 'sit on my hands', as you are advised when playing chess!

Just watching "My Boy Jack" about Rudyard Kipling's son during WW1 (looks a good dramatisation except for one probable continuity mistake). And they had Guernseys on their farm! They do look similar to Jerseys.
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