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Bin Laden spokesperson caught in Jordan Knoxville News Sentinel

mind officials, A senior congressman said thurs night, calls it a "Very massive victory" In the ongoing deal with alQaida.

rap. Peter King awarded the CIA and

"categorically, One just one, We are determining the right top echelons of alQaida, cheap nfl jerseys from china King said thursday night. "I necessary under some (the president) direction credit for this: It's steady and it's unwavering and it's very successful,

The Turkish newspapers Hrriyet reported that Ghaith was passing through Jordan, On his solution to Kuwait, shortly after leaving Turkey.

The newspaper said that Ghaith was taken into custody greater month ago at a luxury wholesale jerseys from china hotel in Ankara, The Turkish cash. But Turkish administrators decided he had not committed any crime in Turkey and released him, The classifieds reported.

when Ankara, Turkish officials refused to confirm Ghaith's deportation / removal or his capture in Jordan to The Associated Press. to Amman, The Jordanian metropolis, A security official said he had no home the CIA arrest in Jordan. Intelligence officials in Washington did not immediately respond to request for information about Ghaith.

I fail to see where this is really an administration or even remotely a political matter. Following 9/11 we committed ourselves fully to taking down this efficiency. of doing this, We first had to deny them official haven (thence, Afghanistan). Then we had to take down their support apparatus in terms of both human and savings. We had to break down their ability to convey, coordinate, And control at the detailed level. We had to drive them into hiding. next, We have to find them and apprehend or kill them.

This is a synchronized, Global manhunt utilizing highly competent members of our data, Allied thinking ability, And military facilities. The changing of the POTUS did not alter the makeup of the teams given the job of crushing Al Qaeda nor has it materially altered the strategy these teams developed.

Trying to make this a political question is an afront to the men and women working ceaselessly to remove Al Qaeda as a threat to our security and to punish all those mixed up in murder of our citizens. Elected leaders specify policies; they don't execute them. Our policy to Al Qaeda is essentially unchanged from Bush to Obama. What has changed is the relentless pressure that is applied from 9/12/2001 forward has begun to yield more dividends more quickly. it's hard to put that first real crack in a dam, But once it's at this time, It can get bigger right now.

All regardless of this, congrats to former President Bush, Current obama, And to all the each gender who continue to work in the shadows to utterly remove this evil from our planet.
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