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Javier Bardem eleito o homem mais bem vestido do mundo pela revista brit
5 Biggest WTF occasions From True Blood Season 5

We love True Blood all of the passion of a thousand "you see, the Suuuuuuuuuuuuns, But do you end each episode basking in WTF glory? go in with the club, y'all.

Our jaws constantly drop at the whacktacular incidents in Bon Temps, And it's time to take a look at biggest michael kors factory outlet WTF bombs from Season 5, episode 6: "despairing,

We love that Roman spent this entire episode decked out in a Nike poloshirt for zero reason. also, What a great outfit to meet true Death in. One element kegstanding frat boy, One part corporation,even though the list golfing champ, and another thousand parts sexy. we're going to miss you, agency Stabler.

2. How hard will it be, power? but rather fakewiping her memory like a normal person, He felt the requirement to give her a life lesson about "the sunshine, impressive "thinkings, And how she must have walk around with "Her kind of,

If by her kind he means unnatural weirdos, Then maybe the two of these really do belong together!

3. Eric Gently Rubs Spit everywhere Alcide

including Bill, Eric was asked to do a thought: Glamor Alcide. but rather, He sensually licked his thumb and traced spit all over Alcide's face in the pretense of healing him.

We see right through you, ally. not necessarily did Alcide barely have a scratch on his face, He had a gaping open wound on his shoulder that Eric left un monitored. Dude decided an excuse to caress Alcide's chiseled jaw.

4. Sam Wanders Around In a emergency room Gown, We Go blind

Note to hospitals wherever: impress never let men with middleparted hair wear gowns. Sam was made for shrinktofit Levis, And anything else is perfectly unacceptable.

incidentally, How did Sam and Luna even end up at the hospital when they were lying half dead down the middle of a field? on top of that, may possibly hospital in Bon Temps? huh, Learn interesting things every day.

5. Sookie comes on at Merlotte's, Remains employed

Someone please explain how Sookie still has a job at Merlotte's. She barely pertains work, if she does she up, She leaves with no warning to do things like "go in the woods,

Sam is weak to resist the Sookster's perky lady lumps, But at this point we're amazed she hasn't been fired. will also, it's called a size medium. Double perhaps, it's called pants.

shop, Samuel. We know the master of The Stake Store was trying to kill Andy, But did you really need to cheap nfl jerseys china shoot an arrow directly into his chest? a person clearly a serial killer, And it's time to understand it.
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