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Huangtao Nan Jing Qixia quantity

Jin Yao Qixia District Garden District more than 110 vacant housing units are section of the 60 residents of breaking rental units, Rented privately were relaxing in wealth, Annual income of million. This already exists in the centre at least two years, real estate rental income of about $ 500,000 that yesomer. had to talk about Tang, Deputy secretary of the road, When the vacant house is placed after all of those other gradual availability of batches, Some of the demolition of the residents did not place a number of different reasons.

Pry open the empty room, Two taking up space to rent, Not exactly the michael kors factory outlet rent is cheap,Abercrombie paris, Easily used also do not pay water and electricity. Nanjing,Abercrombie as well fitch, The district's but unfortunately,Nike Free 3.0, The housing organization should ponder the matter.

No real estate market may cry, Because the prices synthetically high,, Also lost a strong reputation for caring; Local homeowners to cry, as a result Rent in the laugh, Do not make investments, Forced open the room will have the priviledge receive a lot of money, This thing has continued more than two years; Households should likewise smiling now,Nike Free install, Because china wholesale jerseys personal environment clean, eco-friendly and good, to spend.

Side to charge the proper price to sell these houses need nfl jerseys china to house families, Or as a lowcost rental property, Did not adequately address the urgent needs of the family house, But also increase their income, filter systems serve multiple purposes, on the flip side, the road is

vacancy is not nobody to be privately rented, Street cleanup 34 had a seizure of vacant rooms are also editing locks, Security doors put in, but in addition to privately rent can be exchanged for income, The crucial is that there probably is not room rent is a waste.

direction, As soon as possible so that these rooms shall no longer be vacant, Real frolic, And create output. Since the street was leased to a company and all round effect is good, Lowcost lease for the actual better. I hope the residents will be from the street to rent a room full hands,Nike Free head up 2, I hope one day experts room to live a laugh, Not for the high rent and high prices and tears.
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