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Armstrong turns emotional in 2nd part of meet

A video screen at a hotel commercial location in Grapevine, colorado front range, Friday, jan. 18, 2013, Shows a replay telecast of a segment of Lance Armstrong being interviewed by oprah, Reversing over the decade of denials, Armstrong confessed to using performanceenhancing drugs to win the Tour de France cycling during an interview that aired night before. Not while expressing deep remorse or regrets, Though there was plenty of that in Friday night's second part of Armstrong's interview with oprah winfrey. It wasn't over the $75 million in sponsorship deals that evaporated over two days, Or having to avoid the Livestrong cancer charity he founded and called his "Sixth child, It wasn't even about his lifetime ban from comparison, Though he revealed that was more than he deserved. It was another bit of collateral damage that Armstrong said he wasn't prepared to face. "I saw my son couseling for me and saying, 'That's a falacy. the pain you are saying about my dad is not true,or,--" Armstrong were recalled. "then I knew I had to tell him, Armstrong was near tears at that time, mentioning 13yearold Luke, The oldest of his five teens. the doctor blinked, Looked away from Winfrey, And with his lip banging, fought to compose himself. It came just after dark midpoint of the hourlong program on Winfrey's OWN network. In the first part, voice broadcasting Thursday, The disgraced cycling champion admitted using performanceenhancing drugs when he won seven straight away Tour de France titles. Critics said he hadn't been contrite enough in the first half of an interview, sega's taped Monday in Austin, But Armstrong did actually lose his composure when Winfrey zeroed in on the emotional drama involving his personal life. "What affiliate ad

Did you'll say, Winfrey answered. "I said, 'Listen, There's been a lot of doubts about your dad. My task. Whether I doped or do not dope. I've always denied that and I've for ages been ruthless and defiant about that. You guys have experienced that. That's may why you trusted me on it.' that makes it even sicker, Armstrong reported. "furthermore uh, I ordered Luke, I wanted to say, And here Armstrong paused for a long period to collect himself, "I shown, 'Don't defend me from then on. no longer.' "he was quoted saying OK. he just said, 'Look, I thank you. you are usually my dad. This won't correct that, Winfrey also drew Armstrong on his exwife, Kristin, Whom he claimed knew just enough about both the doping and lying to ask him to stop. He credited her with making him promise that his comeback in 2009 would be drugfree. "She considered me, 'You can do it under one point out: That you've got a cross that line again,or,--" Armstrong recalled. "the fishing line of drugs, Winfrey required. "yes indeed. and i said, 'You've got an offer,or,--" He sent a reply. Postal Service cycling team included witness statements from at least three former teammates who said Kristin Armstrong took part in or at least knew about doping on the teams and knew team code names for EPO kept in her refrigerator. Postal rider Jonathan Vaughters testified that she handed riders cortisone pills wrapped in foil. Armstrong said in part one of the interview that he had stayed clean in the comeback, A claim that runs counter to the USADA report. And that wasn't the only portion of the interview likely to rile antidoping officials. Winfrey asked Armstrong regarding a "60 additional minutes Sports" Interview in which USADA chief executive Travis Tygart said a representative of nfl jerseys china the cyclist had offered a donation that the agency turned down. "Were you trying to pay off USADA, She called. "never a, this isn't true, He replied, continual, "that's not true, Winfrey asks right now three more times, In different forms. "that is not true, He was adamant. USADA spokeswoman Annie Skinner replied in a statement: "We stand by the main points both in the reasoned decision and in the '60 Minutes' interview, Armstrong has talked with USADA authorities, And a meeting with Tygart near the Denver airport reportedly ended in an argument over the possibility of modifying the lifetime ban. A person comfortable with those conversations said Armstrong could provide information that might get his ban reduced to eight years. at that same moment, He was 49. The person spoke on condition of anonymity because he was discussing a private matter. After heading off from cycling in 2011, Armstrong resulted in to triathlons, Where he began his industrial career as a teenager, And he has told people he's determined to get back. Winfrey asked if that was why he agreed to an interview. "for anyone asking me, Do i want to compete again. the simplest way hell, that is correct, Armstrong known. "I'm a adversary. It's what I've done my expereince of living. i enjoy train. i enjoy race. I love to toe the line I don't expect it to occur, Yet just three troubles later, A flash of the particular Armstrong emerged. "to be truthful, he was quoted saying, "This may not be notorious answer, But i I deserve it. Maybe not at this instant. (while) If I could return that time and say, 'OK, You're trading my story for a sixmonth suspension?' Because that's what folks got, "What guests got, Winfrey requested. "What every person got, He replied. Eleven ex- Armstrong teammates, Including several who before tested positive for PEDs, Testified about the USPS team's doping scheme in substitution for more lenient punishments. Six months, Armstrong started again. "I'm not praoclaiming that that's unfair, basically, But I'm saying it's unlike, Armstrong said one of "Humbling" Moment in the aftermath of the USADA report was leaving Livestrong lest his association damage the foundation's ability to raise money and continue its advocacy programs on behalf of cancer victims. at first called the Lance Armstrong Foundation, The michael kors cyclist created it one year later he was diagnosed with a form of testicular cancer that had spread to his brain and lungs. Doctors gave him 5050 odds of enduring. "I may not at all say forced out, Told to depart, he said of Livestrong. "I was aware of the pressure. but it hurt like hell.. "That was the lowest, Armstrong referred to. "the cheapest, Armstrong's personal fortune had experienced a big hit days earlier. One basically one, His sponsors called to end their communities with him: Nike; Trek cycles; Giro, Which fabricates cycling helmets and other accessories; AnheuserBusch. "that were a $75 million day, Armstrong proclaimed. "That just went out you could have, Winfrey thought. "no more, "lost, Winfrey repetitive. "lost, He sent a reply, "and in all likelihood never coming back, So was their a moral to his story? "I look at what I did, he explained. "sneaking around to win bike races, Lying about it, demi lovato people. don't forget, You're not supposed to do those things. That's what we teach our kids, Armstrong paused to compose their self before a final mea culpa. "I hiring workers rather than it was about the ride and losing myself, Getting mixed up in that, And doing all those things in the act that enabled that, he explained. "the supreme crime is, uh, Is the betrayal of people that supported me and believed in me. This material aren't published, live, Rewritten or possibly a redistributed,
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