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Boxing:Is bob arum to blame for the fight between mayweather and pacquiao not happening?
The only thing keeping floyd mayweather from fighting manny pacquiao is floyd mayweather and his camp.Both mayweather and his immediate handlers likely know that a fight with pacquiao would end in defeat for mayweather and a potential end to the large purses which mayweather currently enjoys.
It Louis Vuitton seems exceptionally unlikely.Bob arum is a businessman and his business is boxing.
Mayweather will either continue to avoid pacquiao or he will choose to engage him at a time when pacquiao skills have degraded to the point where he might be able to, if not defeat him outright, certainly put on a better boxing display than is currently possible.
Boxing:Is floyd mayweather mulberry tillie a great boxer?If so, why does it seem like many fans don recognize him as such?
I acknowledge floyd mayweather greatness as a fighter.He is clearly one of the best boxers in the last 50 years and his fights are usually technical masterpieces that are a pleasure to view.However, i also have to state that mayweather is a showy jerk whose unnecessary boasting and bragging undercuts him accomplishments in the ring.
Answers on floyd mayweather
I suspect that if mr.Mayweather showed more humility and less braggadocio in his public Louis Vuitton Online Shop appearances, he would receive the accolades for his performance that seem to be eluding him.It may be too late for that, however, as he is reaching the end of his boxing career and few people that haven been"Converted" are likely to be Converted at this late date.
Perhaps if he becomes a ringside announcer when he retires and impresses people with his knowledge and his affability, it might work well to rehabilitate his public louis vuitton outlet belts persona.The choice is his alone.

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