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While the apartments are at about 50 percent capacity, the ground floor has only a couple of remaining suites that can Cheap Mulberry Bags be remodeled to suit new tenants.
Down another hallway is the Louis Vuitton Borse unfinished office of attorney tom minetree, who specializes in elder law, which is appropriate since most of the people who reside in the apartments on the upper floors are older.
Kimbrough opened ronnie's cosmetology center at park place after operating a salon in tuscumbia for the past 35 years.
Across the hall from minetree's office is lorain's boutique, a business that moved to downtown sheffield from muscle shoals.
Past a couple of offices that house the headquarters of l services and memorial garn dens, a company that owns a pair of shoals funeral homes, is the new location of frank's italian restaurant.
She has stated repeatedly that the housing will remain market based and will not become subsidized.
Agency rejuvenates park place
Like minetree, he wants to be a part of the rebirth of downtown sheffield. Michael Kors Bags
Down one of the two hallways lies a new hair styling salon operated by ronnie kimbrough.There are several chairs and a small selection of jewelry and handbags.
Some of his clients live in park place, so when he decided he wanted to get out of the building he louis vuitton outlet de was in, park place seemed like a good fit.
"That was our intention, to create more traffic in the area,"He said.
"If they had not stepped up to the plate, it was going to close dec.31,"Sanford said. "It's an asset to the city.It would be an asset to any city. "
While he has customers across the shoals, kimbrough said, he also provides hair care and other services for many of the park place residents.
Minetree has lived in sheffield for eight years, and one of his three law offices is in sheffield.Minetree specializes in elder law, estate planning, wills and other issues that affect older americans.
"The concept of mixing residential with commercial has been done all over the country to revitalize downtowns,"Whitten said, standing outside the remodeled facade of the 100room facility.
He also likes the idea of helping bring people into downtown sheffield.
"People don't recognize when they say sheffield is Michael Kors iPhone Cases the center of the shoals, it really is,"Minetree said. "It has easy access to the to the entire shoals. "
"It's going to be a great location for me,"Kimbrough said.
"I've used their facilities to meet with clients in the past,"Minetree said. "It's one of those things that have worked out real well. "
Whitten said memorial gardens is moving to a new location and there is only one other interior suite remaining.Another ground floor room is being renovated as a computer room where sheffield high school students will help the older residents learn computer skills.She said the school is donating computers to park place.
"It was nice before, but i think it's even nicer now,"Sheffield mayor ian sanford said.
Entering the lobby of park place's main building in downtown sheffield, visitors will find a lobby, complete with tables and chairs, a bookcase and a receptionist, much like in an upscale hotel.

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