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by Bluelpfub Bluelpfub BluelpfubIE (2013-07-15)

Copper mine in Jordan may just be King Solomon's

Jordan's Khirbat enNahas site has intrigued archaeologists simply because 1930s, assuming they first linked ruins there, this consists of a fortress, photographer mine and smelter, To the Bible's Edomite kingdom. Era of King Solomon described in the Old testomony.of course, A team led by anthropologist Thomas Levy of the as well as college of CaliforniaSan Diego, which has excavated Khirbat enNahas since 2002, hints the biblical Edom has a real basis,Sheshonq is one of the few Pharaohs actually named in the Old Testament, Where he is addressed as Shishaq, Levy promises. Sheshonq I's military conquests in the area are described in markers still preserved in the Egyptian city of Thebes and in the chinese wholesale jerseys Old Testament after the death of King Solomon. throughout the study's findings, "The question of whether King Solomon's copper mines have been discovered in (jordan) returned items to scholarly discourse, the research concludes.

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