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Winchester Police Seize Close to 500 Cartons of Untaxed Cigarettes

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Oh dear. More worries for people trying to use local companies and take their holidays inland. While rival travel operators might be rubbing their hands with glee at the thought that another competitor has collapsed, this is not good news for the trade as it depresses confidence in the market place. Norfolk has a large number of independent coach and travel operators and they need to demonstrate that they have the strength and resources to survive the tough times ahead. Always pay with a credit card; it won't save your holiday but it should save your money [except for payments under 100].

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As for being elitest and overpriced, pleeeease. We don't live in the victorian era any more, This is British engineering and manufacturing at it's cutting edge, securing thousands of jobs throughout the country. Car companies develop cars for specific target markets and this is no exception I'm sure. As for being overpriced, how can you say that when an Aston Martin costs twice what the Jaguar does?

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0State gambling oversight panel to meet with consultant, RI regulator on Thursday 1UPDATE: Windham man turns himself in after incident with shot fired at Salem jogger 5Pelham police arrest 2 teens in connection with recent burglary spree 0Ossipee residents [url=]cheap ugg boots[/url] at high risk of contracting EEE after horse tests positive 3Driver in Hampton crash told police she took her eyes off the road 'for a few seconds' 14Driver arrested for manslaughter, negligent homicide in Laconia fatal crash 7

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