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Tick tock goes the pension bomb

by 222 jzqomzwyz jzqomzwyz Jm1Qj1Yf9CV (2013-10-10)

In Washington, politicians reacted almost as quickly as the South Florida crowd. "Hugo Chavez ruled Venezuela with an iron hand and his passing has left a political void that we hope will be filled peacefully and through a constitutional and democratic process, grounded in the Venezuelan constitution and adhering to the InterAmerican Democratic Charter," said Sen. Robert Menendez, DNew Jersey, chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee.

Calves (101) non export calves: Auctioneer Tim Hector Demand and trade is exceedingly sharp. Many more needed to satisfy buyers. Averages advancing again and soaring to levels not seen for many years. Continental Bulls: The blistering trade continues for all grades with first quality in particular demand. Blues topped at from GG CJ Bicknell.

There will be a cost to the NHL for doing business the way it hasnot just with this work stoppage but with scrapping the entire 200405 season and cancelling half of the 199495 campaign before that. As a company, you can't treat your fansyour best customersthat way and not expect some sort of blowback. Damage has certainly been done to what was a thriving US$3.3billion enterprise.

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