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What happens when TSA takes your weapons away

by 69 yix yix pdcBV (2013-10-10)

To be sure, those two parties will be impressive tens of thousands of people are expected to attend, and they may get a glimpse of the president as they elbow their way to the front of the bar.But for the Washingtonians who are serious about partying, there are more than 100 other events happening over inaugural weekend.

I'll Have Another knew how to get to the finish line. He was chasing a piece of history. But in the vagaries of this sport, all it takes is a knock, a bobble, to change outcomes, shift odds. The horse's greatness is in his genes and he may yet still chase the Triple Crown in the flying hooves of his progeny.

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And then there security. It is definitely possible to create a secure evoting platform, but it requires a lot of effort to do it properly in most cases, more time/money than the government is willing to spend. As we seen in the US, where some states use digital machines (pictured right) rather than paper ballots, poor design, programming, testing, and implementation have resulted in a wide range of issues that have caused many votes to be lost. Paper ballots have their own security risks, but for the most part it much easier to implement a secure paper ballot system.

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