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Allen West Rumored to Be District

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My best piece of advice is to start as local as possible. Pick up the different daily newspapers and check out the motorcycle listings. You will be shocked at how many motorcycles are up for sale every day! Most of these listings are typically "must move NOW" type of deals so it is likely that they are willing to sell for cheap!

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For supporting the 2nd amendment! Lorie Fish wrote. Adam Frymoyer noticed the from miles away. wish an establishment like yours would follow your suit with the 15% "gun owner" discount here in PA. Would attract much more business I sure! Great Job. Bravo Zulu. people like you are a perfect example of dividing this country based on your obsession, while people and children are dying in Malls, Theatres, and 1st grade classrooms. You'll think this is a great idea till some idiot comes in with a gun and it accidentally goes off and hits a customer. Think it wouldn't happen? Think again. It happens at Gun Shows, why wouldn't it happen in your restaurant. REALLY stupid. Jay Sutphin wrote.

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