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Beware the auto parts jungle

by 33 qhg qhg bfwCJ (2013-10-11)

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"Yogi and I are the only ones left from that game," Larsen said. "I'll never forget the day when I came to the Yankees. One of the things I knew, was that I was going to pitch to one of the greatest catchers ever. Yogi means as much to me today as he did then. As time goes on, it hasn't been forgotten and it will never be forgotten even after we're gone."

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As of May, 27 states had happy hour prohibitions. Then, in June, Kansas changed course and decided to allow it, making the total 26. Kansas, for example, though it now permits happy hour, still prohibits all of the following: giving away alcoholic drinks, reducedprice specials, allyoucandrink promotions, selling a bigger drink for the same price as a smaller, and offering drinkingrelated prizes. Other states, counties or municipalities prohibit twoforone specials.

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Did I mention it's sparkly?Big J had snagged a window table tucked around the corner, and we thumbed through heavy, giltedged menus. The list of dishes isn't like the rest either. You'll find all your favourites, but you will also find Bene Fusion, featuring izakayastyle dishes like Ebiyonnaise (prawn tempura with house mayonnaise), beef tataki, and seared tuna.

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