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Courtland Rogers' Baby Mama Asks forums

Courtland Rogers and his baby mama Taylor Lewis don't have a good relationships. Taylor, Who Courtland claims he never had a loving with, Is the mother of his oneyearold daughter Jordan and while he claims to pay supporting your children every month, She wholesale jerseys from china won't even your pet see her. the reality is, cheap nfl jerseys china He's only seen her twice since he began his relationship with Teen Mom 2 star Jenelle Evans. well, He has a bone to pick along with her after he noticed her getting gifts from fans on Twitter.

the actual, Courtland and wife Jenelle are busy Christmas looking out for Jordan and Jenelle's son Jace. cheap jerseys "purchasing for Jordan and Jace today! I love the holidays are! Jordan is likely to love her surprise! Thank god I have enough money for to buy her stuff, He showed. definitely, That was a dig at Taylor who is clearly being affected by money for some reason. Does she not have a career? It just doesn't make sense that she can't buy clothing and shoes for her daughter.

Courtland has a right to be upset that his your kids money doesn't seem to be going towards his child. If Jordan hasn't got shoes and clothing, places is his money going?

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