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PHILADELPHIA Two men were sentenced to prison Wednesday for minor roles in a counterfeit ring that prosecutors said was created to finance the Iranianbacked group Hezbollah. cheap nfl jerseys china

Prosecutors discover that neither defendant knew of the link to Hezbollah, Which Washington classifies as a terrorist service. Defense lawyers called their roles minute.

Katz, Who earns money from flea industry, Said he agreed to load 1,500 fake Nike sneakers into wholesale jerseys his van as a favor to someone he owed money. district Judge Stewart Dalzell. "I gained nothing out of it.

Hamdan and others are accused of trafficking stolen telephones, activities, Computers and cars with a view to financing and supporting Hezbollah, Which forms part of Lebanon's coalition govt. Eleven citizens were named in the indictment filed in November in Philadelphia.

While seeing cheap jerseys their limited roles, Dalzell regarded as counterfeiting "a life threatening economic issue in this country,

Two other defendants are also sentenced to terms of about a year, While a couple people remain fugitives. Hamdan is anticipating extradition to Philadelphia, And no trial date also has been set.

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