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Found counterfeit airbags have become a real problem in america.if you've been in a headon collision, You hope your airbag would help save yourself. But NewsChannel 5 Investigates found counterfeit airbags have become a real problem in the united states.Some parents and teachers headed back to school early to think about Nashville newest Charter school,Thousands of Missouri fills spans 'deficient'

With the bridge collapse in MN I looked online to see how bad Missouri bridges are and found we are one of the worst in britain. Seems Missouri is ranked fourth for getting the most structurally deficient bridges and sixth for obtaining most obsolete bridges!

800 Missouri Bridges That Are Scheduled To swapped out BY 2012:

A 2006 Federal Highway useage study found 4,595 among Missouri's 24,042 bridges were structurally inferior. Only three states have more structurally deficient bridges. The rating reasons in age, Corrosion and decline. Missouri has 3,141 connections deemed "Functionally out of date" By a comparative age, Design or load rules. not enough too late I say. updating 800 bridges is good, m91743 But think about the other 7,000 that are lacking and obsolete!

Just looked for google. Had to replace the keywords a bit (15mins of labor)

Found some on the bridge camaroguy said.

Late thursday night, st. Louis County management Charlie Dooley ordered the Old Gravois Road Bridge closed.

The rotting, 82yearold bridge links sun Hills and Fenton.

County leaders planned to close it by next year but decided they couldn't take anymore chances after Wednesday's bridge collapse in ontario.

stamp Siebert, One of approximately 9,600 drivers who apparel Old Gravois Road Bridge daily, Said he thought it was a good idea to close the bridge.

saint. Louis County officials had long said to be the aging, 700footlong steel truss bridge searching for replacing.

Despite being believed safe for most vehicle traffic, The configuration has visible damage including holes in the concrete and exposed rebar.

Garry Earls, The movie director of the St. Louis County Highway split, Said the new york incident "Made it clear to us that better safe m40243 than sorry was the proper procedure to take,

Brian Craig is one of the area residents who said they knew the bridge wasn't in perfect shape. Craig said it seemed no worse than many other bridges across areas.

previous to Thursdays closing, County leaders said they had already requested at least $5 million in federal funds to restore the bridge.

The money has not yet been available.

One of the bridges locally is being redone very soon because the Rednecks have shot a large amount of the concrete pillars full of holes. Causing concrete to break. they've already closed the lower access to this bridge, But I'm sure it's just a matter of a sign or a cable which will do little to stop idiots from getting down there.

because Palit, AMD, Corsair and ECS for supporting the 2008 Folding Giveaway!

I got in touch with my old town in M!CH!GAN for connections. I was somewhat shocked to find four of them on the particular bad list still used today. The sad things is, Two seem to be on interstates, I94 together with I69. The other two actually are railroad bridges over highways. the worst thing someone needs is a locomotive and freight cars to drop on them

none, That is government entities way. Seems they always do it prefer that. a case in point is when they were paying UP to build the transcontinental railroad, UP built it so quick that they had to literally rebuild it the minute it was done. Trestles were falling apart and the ties were green untreated wood, and the like. and so forth,accessories. you will find GN's James Hill used 100% private funds. It was build to the best specifications, negotiations on terms were done with farmers, Indians and online communities. UP got Sherman to go on a killing rampage of indians on the level of his first march.

He also was regarding only 3 or 4 (PRR in the process) That DID NOT declare themselves bankrupt during the economic down turn in 1873,Thousands of tea party activists rip IRS at move

A range of congressional representatives and popular conservative speakers took to the podium as they fired off zings and digs at louis vuitton m40244 the IRS and the federal government for more than three hours.

"Anybody will wish to fire some IRS agents? let's quickly start with the 16,000 IRS agents that will implement Obamacare, Sen. Rand Paul charged at the beginning of his brief speech.

With the crowd straining their necks and smiling broadly as Paul took takes place, The Republican senator from Kentucky alleged he was "Horrified that my government has gotten out of hand,

IRS officials have repeatedly said that the observing of tea party groups was not done out of political bias.

But the activists gathered sunday were not so convinced.

Sen. Ted johnson, RTexas, Gained big applause when he declared that the IRS needs to be abolished. "And i own a second idea: We need to take every sort IRS agents and put them on our southern border, he said, pulling in laughs.

"Now consequently mostly a joke, He constant. "But I got to admit that if you've been coming over illegally and you crossed the river and saw an army of IRS agents, You'd turnaround and go home,

subdued personality Glenn Beck unleashed a stream of fiery rhetoric. At one point he used a harsh anecdote about how slave owners learned retain control over their captives by watching circus masters chain and abuse elephants.

"Frederick Douglass was fortunate to grow up in a house where he was taught to read, And in order to, And to consider. He knew that God did not make men to be pros over other men, he was quoted saying.

"It is time that Americans remind on their of this truth again, And rise up against the intimidation before the handful of peanuts from our new political circus masters are thought kindness, rather than the symbol of evil cruelty which they are, He add on.

repetition. Tax manner. Firing up the group, She requested, "don't you think that a century of oppression is enough,

these fourterm congresswoman, Who's not seeking reelection take better care, mentioned herself as an

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