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whales GM Jeff Ireland rolls the dice with Dion Jordan pick Naples Daily News

I don't know if Jeff Ireland is doing what's in the best interest of the Dolphins, But he certainly is doing what's in the best interest of Jeff Ireland.

The Dolphins had one winning season since 2005. After four simple losing seasons, Two of which Ireland had presided over, It was widely reported the embattled Dolphins gm needed a winning season in 2013 michael kors factory outlet or else. the fact is, A playoff season may be a must to enable him to see 2014. So he's holding nothing back to accomplish it.

furnished with over $40 million in salary cap room, He signed quite a few impact free agents, in particular 25yearold deep threat wide receiver Mike Wallace. perfect for businesses that the 12th overall pick and two secondround picks, ireland in europe kept wheeling and dealing.

He used his first and early secondround pick to trade up nine spots in the first round to be on pass rusher Dion Jordan out of Oregon, And he is rumored to be trading one more secondround pick for proven, Albeit pricey, Left sort out Branden Albert.

How suspect a trade was moving up to take Jordan? ESPN's Jon Gruden, Who throws any praise on players he's mocked for it, knocked cheap jerseys it. Jordan only played three out of every seven snaps per game last year for Oregon. Athletically, He's specialist.

If he is what the Dolphins think he'll be, Miami will bully opponents with Cameron Wake and Jordan leading the pass rush.

If he looks much better he plays, Then Ireland and the Dolphins have blown do not take cooking draft since Don Shula retired.

No so what or anything, now boom or bust.

The Dolphins played it safe five a long time ago by drafting a nice, Solid left equipment (Jake many years) First typically, And passing on a potential franchise quarterback in Matt Ryan. How'd that work out?

struggle to once but twice, The Dolphins offered Drew Brees. Once simply because they played it safe by taking a third cornerback. The other time all around health didn't know if his surgically repaired shoulder would hold up even though famed orthopedist Dr. James Andrews said hello wholesale jerseys was fine.

The one time the whales went for it, exchanging two firstround picks for Ricky Williams, He did his a portion. Ricky hurried for 3,225 yards and 25 touchdowns future two seasons. nfl jerseys china the thing was Jay Fiedler their quarterback.

Jeff Ireland had a decent defense yr after, But decided it was not good enough to win with. they did not force enough big plays. So he has decided after over a decade of within stop Tom Brady and the Patriots, the least they can do now is knock him on his butt.

Ireland has been rolling the dice online now. the last season, He did what no other Miami GM had done in nearly 30 years when he took qb Ryan Tannehill in the first round. He confessed a past mistake by trading former No. 1 pick Vontae Davis to indiana.

If the reported trade with kansas for Albert plays out, Ireland already might need gambled and lost once this offseason. He had to spend more money and a draft pick to replace Long with a guy who also has had back problems.

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