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michael kors outlet About 25 percent of its travelers check a second bag, according to United, And the airline believes its new surcharge will receive $100 million in revenue a year. The company faced bankruptcy just not long ago, but in 2007, It earned a net gain of $403 million (Its first year of cash flow since 2000). Carrier to charge for found bags, But the policy is not unusual among foreign carriers. It started making use of the discount European carriers: Most charge $10 to $20 for each joint of checked baggage. then British Airways joined in, Charging for a second bit of checked bags (But not on flights from/to the american). Discount carriers were also the first to charge for snacks, And for exit row seats or an issued seat. The socalled legacy airlines are taking notice, And looking at this see more of those type of user fees from the majors.

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