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took a few moments after the newsletter was sent before alumni started filling up our inboxes with answers. (See October Contest dividends below) So this time we shaking things up a bit with many good oldfashioned Oberlin trivia. We even instituting the honor human body: Computer searches and yearbooks are restricted. Sorry Oberlin alumni applicants (Staff and educators), But your college advantage means that you not eligible to this contest.

Be the first one to answer the most questions correctly and win an Oberlin Tshirt. about your mark, Get arrange. go to!

5. because news of John F. Kennedy shooting reached campus, The bell of Finney Chapel began tolling the first time since the assassination of _________.

6. The ______ ______ things 3.2 miles and is listed into the Lorain County Metro Park System.

7. Currency credited to higher education who eat in Campus Dining Services, which can redeem at any of the dining halls and DeCaf is called _____ _____.

8. Oberlin Conservatory of Music was created by _________ _________ in 1964. This is the same designer accountable for the designs of the World Trade Center buildings.

9. The printed higher education student, teachers, And staff campus telephone directory is fondly sometimes called _________.

10. _______ _______ in downtown Oberlin has a back room in which orphaned kittens are considered.

11. In 19__ a total of nine students completed a winter term project that recreated a slave escape on the underground Railroad.

12. in 2007, Oberlin was added to the ________ ________ Bicycle Route by the adventure Cycling Association.

13. The language lab in Peters is known for being home to what kind of animal?

14. inside of 1860, As american was about to go to war, Oberlin hosted the first political _____ ______ ever held on a us campus. The tradition would continue almost continuous for 108 years.

15. The LordSaunders Afrikan Heritage home is fondly called _____ ____.

16. The second oldest asset hall on campus is called ____House.

17. can also be is only a small mound behind Philips Gym, m40246 ______ _____ grow into highest topographic points in town.

18. _____ and ______ Domes are reduced, Round buildings east of the Allen Memorial Art Museum where the faculty provides studio art classes.

19. ____ comes from any Oberlin student or alumnus/alumna.

20. The allyoucaneat facility on north campus is fondly called _______ by higher education.

(Pictured in 1968 from left to the right way: brand J. Greenwald '71, tanker T. Broome '75 (Team captain), Gregory p. stone '73, And bob W. Cardwell '71)

Although alumni quickly guessed that the photo above was taken at a College Bowl tournament called the GE College Bowl a few alumni took a crack at supplying the names of the students pictured.

who would have thought, Steve Golder you were the first to impart us with the correct name of the event. Golder also precisely stated that Pat Broome was the team captain. How did Golder know them? was living in Noah, My compact, He invented.

Athough he didn answer as quickly as Golder, Ken Glasser receives honorable mention for guessing the event and for providing us with another name: Greg stone.

College Bowl first aired on radio from October 1953 all the way through December 1955, And became a network tv program on January 5, 1959. The program was sponsored by the General Electric Company and louis vuitton m40243 became referred to as GE College Bowl. It ran 2639 weeks each year on Saturdays and Sundays upward June of 1970,throughout the Town 10

West Scranton football fans will have to be able to jog their memories Thursday night when the University of Miami hosts Virginia Tech in an ACC clash that will have the grandson of a West legend on the field for the Hurricanes.

Anthony Chickillo (not any. 71) neverfull louis vuitton Is a sophomore and starting shielding end for the 'Canes, And no one would be prouder of that than his late grandpa, computer chip, A talked about at West in the late 1940s and Miami's team captain in 1952.

several, the minute Anthony, who's 29 tackles and two sacks in eight games, Had his photo taken for his online resource, It was shot ahead of the UM Hall of Fame trophy case that contains his grandfather's memorabilia.

And when he signed his country specific Letter of Intent, The Miami Herald website published that he wore a Tshirt that read "Third development" On the top (His dad Tony was a beginner there, a tad too), And on the bed read, "Blood is people who have coarse Than Water,

Asked for his online bio who he'd like to spend a day with, He responded his grandfather, Who passed in 2000.

So how did the Chickillo bloodline make its way from West to hurricane country?

Former Miami tennis coach and athletic director Jack Harding had Scranton roots, instructional at St. Thomas university or college, Now the college or university of Scranton.

Keystone CrossFit of Dunmore is sponsoring an event that not only promotes a living style, But will be a fundraiser for cancers of the breast prevention.

Allison and ricky Muenkel, those who own the crossfit center, Have dedicated this month to a corporation called Barbells for Boobs, A nonprofit to provide funds for resources and free mammograms for lowincome and uninsured women.

a fitness center, Which popped in July 2010, Is currently collecting donations and each of their athletes has their own fundraising page small company isn't always raise $5.000 for the group,at the Westside for July 18

Boston Celtics player Brandon Bass is timetabled to m60050 headline a fundraising event for the St. Vincent de Paul clothing for Kids drive Tuesday in New Roads. In the Julien Poydras public Arts Center, 500 w. big St. classes is $25.

enrollment forms, available on New Roads' website, Must be undertaken and handdelivered at City Hall, Or faxed from (504) 5207934 or to (225) 6385368 by thursday.

The camp will include station training in basic fundamentals of basketball, A skills contest and a 3on3 opponent.

Each camper will get a camp Tshirt, Prizes and an autographed photo of Bass.

for additional, Contact the area of New Roads at (225) 6385360, ext. 212.

Christmas in JulyThe West Baton Rouge Historical alliance will host its

CILIP Registered Charity no 313014

ISSN 1756-1086 (Online)