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Recall from my faster diary post that Nike has 3,000 "Retail hot spots" In greater 300 Chinese cities, [url=]cheap nfl jerseys from china[/url] With business nearing $1 billion per year. Nike will be recruiting many Chinese athletes in the 2008 Olympics.

revealing on the 2004 Olympics in October of 2004, online reported:

Nike swung into action before most [url=]cheap china jerseys[/url] Chinese knew they had a new hero. The moment hurdler Liu Xiang became the nation's first Olympic medalist in a shortdistance speed event he claimed the gold with a new Olympic record in the 110m hurdles on Aug. 28Nike launched a television marketing in China showing Liu destroying the field and superimposed a series of questions designed to set nationalistic teeth on edge. "Asians lack lean muscle mass, instructed one. "Asians lack the desire to win, and then came the kicker, As Liu raised his arms above the trademark Swoosh on his shoulder: "Stereotypes are made to be broken, It was an instant success. "Nike realizes why [url=]michael kors factory outlet[/url] Chinese [url=]wholesale jerseys from china[/url] are proud, tells Li Yao, A weekend player at Swooshbedecked basketball courts near Beijing's Tiananmen Square.

Such clever marketing tactics have helped make Nike the icon for the new China. in order to a recent Hill Knowlton survey, Chinese consider Nike the middle Kingdom's "funkiest brand, Just as a new Flying Pigeon bicycle defined success when reforms began in the 1980s and a model that could also scrub potatoes became the status symbol a decade later, So the Air Jordan or any number of Nike products turned out in factories across Asia is among the most symbol of success for China's new middle class. Sales rose 66% yr after, To a predicted $300 million, And Nike is opening an average of 1.5 new outlet a day in China. of course, every. The goal is to migrate inland from China's richer eastcoast towns in time for the outpouring of interest in sports that will accompany the 2008 Summer Olympics in Beijing. How did Nike build such a booming business enterprise? for starters, The company promoted the right sports and launched a series of inspired ad campaigns. But the story of how Nike cracked the China code has as much to do with the rise of China's new middle class, Which is hungry for Western gear and individualism, And Nike's in order to tap into that hunger,(More from the content "How Nike figured out China" suitable).

Liu Xiang has appeared in Oregon on several instances. as follows youtube shows Liu Xiang running in the June 5, 2005, Prefontaine old fashioned in Eugene:

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