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In response to Typically the The air jordan Kobe achievement

tv show Eleven

Season Three, event Eleven "In big"

the c's rescue Tan, An injured rock fisherman who doesn't speak English. Jordan goes up with the man to the lifeblood chopper, Piloted by just Heidi. They soon learn what the man was working to say another man is stuck on the cliffs.

Dean and Lara reach the second man and what appears a routine rescue turns into an emergency whenLara discovers he has an internal bleed. [url=][/url] effortlessly chopper assets out of range, the people must hoist the injured man up the cliff.

endure, on the inside chopper, Heidi loses connections and decides [url=]cheap nfl jerseys[/url] to change her course. But as the chopper loses all power, There's time only to brace as the chopper spins spinning out of control and down.

The team head back to the stationhouse for drinks and learn that Michelle has accepted a job with lifeblood. right after they learn Heidi and Jordan's chopper never showed up. Their search takes them to a internal park, But they aren't there.

Unbeknown to these people, [url=]china wholesale jerseys[/url] Jordan and Heidi are floating amidst remains, uncovered expectantly for rescue. they fight to save Tan but he dies, and the've no choice but to let his body go to save themselves.

inside of the stationhouse, Hayden and Vince show style the search and soon come to an awful conclusion: Jordan and Heidi may be while in the vast ocean.

the actual, As dusk crumbles, Heidi and Jordan are sharing their true feelings for each other. the invention that Heidi is losing blood prompts Jordan to protect her.

in the beginning light, As they found a buoy to hold on to, Jordan decides in an attempt to swim to shore to get help and rescue an exhausted Heidi.

am, A fisherman alerts the despaired scouring team to a find in his nets it's Tan's body. adjustment their search grid, The team still need no luck. Then Jordan is located passed out on the beach. The Rescue team revive him and they can point them in Heidi's direction.

the c's eventually find Heidi. It's touchandgo with her but she's eventually saved. you possibly can find cheers and hugs on the team's return. Dean queries Michelle about her future plans and is pleased to hear she has decided to stay [url=]cheap jerseys china[/url] put.

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