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I give up looking for authentic

by 69 fieferpobby fieferpobby fieferpobbyyu (2013-11-18)

Student level. In general, this student only major forces in a number of large family born children of your people, to know Gao Feng repair on the files but also mid-level warrior level. All teachers are all revealed the surprise examination, it appears that the participants have to be born a seed, but also [url=][/url]
the [url=][/url]
birth of trainees from the civilian population. A full fifteen minutes later, unconscious past Jiang Chen teacher assessment was only comes out from the chamber where, of course, he is intentional. A full fifteen minutes, which erupted throughout the examination hall, all participants are all shocked, as if waking up to see the monster generally looked ginger morning. I never thought I casually met a, are so powerful, it seems to have a good make up. Little fat Mozhuoxiaba, whispered together. In many people's eyes of envy and admiration, Jiang Chen, who took over from the assessment on behalf of teachers [url=][/url]
'seed participants' identity badge trainees. As only got a little fat a common badge. General admission badges are ordinary students get from one until three, very few able to get elite badges, badges as seeds, extremely small...... Haha, brother, you really Niu, my name is Song Xinjiang, How about you? out of the examination hall, the little fat too deep breath, feeling that icy cold feeling is gone, his face [url=][/url]
pale rosy a lot, came up Latin America, and very enthusiastic, belonging Zilai Shu kind. Gao Feng? Jiang Chen said lightly. He saw himself make this Song Jiang wants, naturally, will not deny that this person identity is not simple, this storm is the military hospital where? The highest overall fengzhou Wu Yuan, representing almost fengzhou strongest forces [url=][/url]
in addition to official outside, so.

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