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They growled and hissed inside a KRONTV conference room for afull hour angry atFour panelists who came into argument favoring Jordan stayed with Jordan at the end. Four Brown admirers stayed with Brown. And by the narrowest of prices, The four panelists who said they were still undecided gave the edge to Jordan mostly because Brown ducked and weaved when asked to give specific details about how he would run the city,Frank Jordan talked about the truths about Willie Brown, recounted, 29, A Noe Valley sales fx broker who voted for Roberta Achtenberg in November and said he would grudgingly choose Jordan on Tuesday. "in my mind, It's the enemy you've heard of vs. The enemy you do not know,But it was hardly a smashing victory for the incumbent mayor. He drew a visceral reaction from the panel's Brown supporters, who had been all women. Even Jordan proponents, Three industry experts white men, Said they were [url=]wholesale jerseys from china[/url] discouraged by his performance. Perhaps [url=][/url] more hurtful, Some said these people were underwhelmed by his four years in office,Jordan spent his whole closing statement attacking Willie Brown rather than validating himself, pointed out, A operator who listed civil rights and housing cost issues as concerning matters facing the city. She gave test an F, For being too critical and revealing the debate rule of using no props,How can you trust somebody that breaks the rules, She says.remain, The mayor did well among panelists who cited its fiscal health as their major concern., A PG analyst who was undecided before argument, Said however mark his ballot for Jordan on Tuesday,the question for Brown is: What are you attending do, Asked the 32yearold Sunset resident, who has gay. "you will find $600 million in cuts coming. Is Brown going to take on union work rules? i didn't hear anything from him that he would take an evenhanded approach (On labor queries),Said Jordan advocate, A oral surgeon: "After a job in the Legislature, you should know about budgets. To Frank Jordan's consumer credit score, He has price range. Brown is not going to,Brown fared better one of two people of color on the panel, Whose concerns were less about balancing budgets than getting attention for the town's less privileged residents.Brett Morones, a Lan importanttinevery lesbia suitablen, Chided both men for failing to bring up AIDS and gay issues during the debate. She will choose Brown,many of us were not included at all, Morones defined. "I want to know what you will do about my concerns, A single mother in the Bayview with a question about child care that was broadcast during the debate, Said she was offended that Jordan used his emotion time to lambaste Brown's Assembly record. She honored the mayor with an F.But Brown's lack of specifics bothered the one female Jordan promoter, on Castro. She was skeptical that Brown would be on the side of small families and renters, Especially given his past legal portrayal of big developers,I really don't think Brown knows about bay area, Heyman talked about. [url=]cheap jerseys china[/url] "I own a tiny complex, And if it weren't for the rental income on downstairs flat, I'd have to relocate. I don't think Brown sees the difference between me and (coder) wally Shorenstein,Yet Brown's studious cultivation of power brokers is [url=]cheap nfl jerseys[/url] a potential boon for sf, in, 70, an early city housing commissioner. She is looking for a bit of realpolitik in the mayor's office,We need a mayor that has the inventiveness to find new ways to approach old problems, San Jule shown. "for this sphere, Willie Brown outshines Frank Jordan. If there's money, He'll think it is. frisco needs that little spark of creativity,But a fitting last word in the heated debate should go to the person who was most quiet in the room, Retired workman. He has not voted for an state office in over 30 years,Brown really was eloquent and a thinking talker. But he's a certain phony, Rogers replied. "Jordan's sincere but lacking. I'm not going to vote for each one of them,

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