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Quebec Woman Who Drowned In Wedding Dress A Warning To Other Brides

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great RESTful URL

One difference is the fact that second URL doesn't name the categories, So the client code and indeed human users need to look up some category name to number mapping page first, Store those people mappings, Use them everyday, And refresh the list when previously unknown categories are come across etc. Given the first URL you routinely know the categories even if the item page doesn't mention them (But the site may still need a list of [url=]cheap jerseys[/url] sorts somewhere anyway).

Another difference would first format encodes two levels of categorisation, Whereas the second hides the number of levels. That might make things easier or harder dependant upon how variable you want the depth to be (Now or at some time) And whether someone inappropriately couples code to 2level depth [url=][/url] (for example, By parsing the URLs with a regexp capturing the categorizations using two subgroups). naturally, The same problem could exist if they couple themselves for this depth of categories listed in a id>Categorypath applying page anyway.

The first form will be better indexed by search engines, And is more cache unthreatening. The latter is both a benefit (You can decrease the body weight [url=]cheap nfl jerseys china[/url] on your server) And a drawback (You aren't necessarily aware of people revisiting your page, And page changes may not propagate quickly to the users: A little care must be taken to accomplish this).

The first form also commands (very) Heavier processing to get the specified item from the URL.

if you control the URL syntax, I'd suggest something such as:Or much better, using URL rewrite,Where 12345 is the power source ID. when you access the data (Which you can have done anyway), can afford do so quickly; and you just verify that the record does match cat1, Cat2 and services or products. Experiment with page cache settings and be sure you send out ETag (Maybe based on ID?) and also LastModified headers, as well as the checking IfModifiedSince and IfNoneMatch header requests.

Just by looking on both string you can without effort sense which one is more relevant.

The 1st one informs you upfront "daylights yes, Im tips about Red Nike Shoes" and the 2nd one kinda mumbles "Red Nike sandals? Did you created item code 12345,

additionally, Having part of the KW in the URL just might help you get more relevancy and also it can help you win "Longtail" Goals without much work. (Just having KW in URL can often be enough)

But however, the problem goes even deeper.

The second type of URL includes details and those can (an effective 99.9% probably will) Lead to copied content issue. When [url=][/url] using parameters youll need to handle questions like:
[url=]Heidi Klum is a green goddess at the new launch of Project Runway[/url]
[url=]Fulfill All Your Goals Of Having Your Own Set Up Of Business Through Commercial Mortgage[/url]

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