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Hu Limei of 18 years old of a dark horse direct Paris 5

by 33 xnbuzctu xnbuzctu xjrgonrpIT (2013-03-29)

Hu Limei of 18 years old of a dark horse " direct Paris " 4
Ping of world of Chinese female ping surpasses trials the 2nd phase " direct Paris " was in yesterday E Er is much this close pat. Hu Limei of snick young general becomes the oldest a dark horse, she with 4 鈭?1 force overcomes famous general Ding Ning, become Chinese daughter to ping the 4th takes the player that surpasses singles qualification to world ping thereby. Hu Limei of 18 years old also is to obtain world ping to surpass singles the player with direct the youngest qualification, also be afterwards after Wu Yang the 2nd " direct Paris " snick hand.
Hu Limei can calls a country ping direct the oldest a dark horse since surpassing open 7 years. She " direct Paris " process can weighs a miracle. Before a week, she still is female ping only 2 teams team member, in national group, she is special imitate E of Jing of gold of Korea snick veteran accompany practice. Hu Limei is brought up in Shandong Zi rich, learn to play a table tennis with aunt in one's childhood. The Hu Limei when elementary school attended class of school sports interest, be chosen very quickly city physical culture school. After this, hu Limei is carried by 81 teams in, wholesale jordans and 2011 selected country 2 teams.
By right of rose on March 1 demote the expression that gains the championship in contest, hu Limei rises very quickly to covey. And game is quited because of the injury before trials as a result of Guo Yue, hu Limei arrived because of this fortunately station " direct Paris " on competition ground. In group contest, introduced from the northern and western nationalities or from abroad Zhan Sansheng of beautiful Mei San. After this, she takes next urge again and again to hold one's head high again kill finals, but because lose Yu Wuyang, hu Limei fails to be in for a short while " direct Paris " . Last yesterday decisive battle, hu Limei should get the better of only can successful break out of an encirclement. And the first famous general that Ding Ning, Chen Meng, Li Xiaodan, Zhu Yuling produces in 4 people and Hu Limei contend for this " direct Paris " qualification.
Head red of battle plum dawn 3 鈭?1 wash out Zhu Yuling, second battle urge again and again 2 win by a narrow margin of 3 鈭?Chen Meng. The 3rd Ding Ning and Li Xiaodan encounter, urge again and again with 3 鈭?1 win out. Such, got the better of two Ding Ning and Hu Limei to spread out final contend repeatedly. Advanced in semifinal of a day, urge again and again is accident the ground with 0 鈭?3 disastrous defeat at Hu Limei. This once more fight hand to hand, urge again and again still fails to find the way of the snick that defeat solution, although get the better of one bureau first, but final still with 1 鈭?4 lose Yu Huli plum. Such, hu Limei and Li Xiaoxia, Liu Shiwen, Wu Yang obtained world ping to surpass singles qualification together. To the rest 3 female sheet take part in the match qualification, female ping advocate handsome Kong Linghui expresses: "Two people can be singled out inside the 4 limits to 6 people, leave quota of people of a motor-driven. If the last person is necessary to be hit, the means that we also can compete through fairness makes final list. The means that we also can compete through fairness makes final list..
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