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Small abstruse interference ball aids Harden to kill book a person of extraordinary powers 13 minutes absolutely the contest after the rocket rushs into season

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Small abstruse interference ball aids Harden to kill book a person of extraordinary powers 13 minutes absolutely the contest after the rocket rushs into season
Time of Beijing of phoenix sports dispatch on April 10, rocket advocate meet the sun head-on, harden always moves 3 minutes finally, the judgment sentences Aoniergan faze ball, the rocket is magical beat the sun. And in the contest that ends later, the knight is defeated by thunderbolt, concern according to victory or defeat, rocket lock surpasses quota of people after season surely. This also is the contest after the rocket rushs into season for the first time after 2009 oneself.
The dispute with the biggest game appears in last hour, with a ha ascend chirp to ring momently 3 minutes of balls break basket and go out, nevertheless the whole of the ball still is when basket basket above, small O'Neil goes to sun center grab a rebound, and finger is touched came up against rubber ball, according to basketball regulation, this ball calculates small Aoniergan faze ball renegue, sentence Ha Dengsan component is significant, then, the rocket was depending on ball of this one luck to reduce sun line absolutely.
Data side, rocket blast in, with a ha ascend 9 error of 33 minutes of 6 secondary attack, and contribute a key finally absolutely smash, lin Shuhao 13 minutes of 6 secondary attack, garcia 15 minutes, a overcomes 8 minutes of 22 bank on the west. Sun respect, sikela 28 minutes of 8 backboard, delajiji 15 minutes of 10 secondary attack.
Ha Dengdu must aid rocket of short duration 13 minutes to precede
Both sides leaves in the bureau dash forward outside cast successive battle to become 10 smooth, after this rocket depends on Lin Shuhao on basket and Garcia are connected in bottom horn in two 3 minutes, must pull open score 8 minutes repeatedly for 18-10, delajiji is connected later in, basket of tower embezzle part of what should be issued is procurable, the sun narrows cent difference for 17-20. The penalty shot that with a ha ascends later and the small charge wave that help a rocket 3 minutes hit a 7-0 once more. As Harden and small O'Neil two punish two in, first Harden with respect to hurricane 13 minutes, first match end helps a rocket precede temporarily with 29-21.
Sun insanity kickbacks half of a game or contest exceeds a rocket instead
Dadeli and Beifuli check second red-letter day whirlwind 3 minutes, as Lin Shuhao penalty shot hits the target, the rocket precedes with 38-28 the sun 10 minutes. After this rocket attacks dumb fire, the sun takes the chance to hit a 8-0, score impendent for 36-38, the moment of truth of Smith those who buckle basket and Lin Shuhao on basket help rocket precedes 6 minutes certainly. Nevertheless after this both sides attacks you to come my go toing, connect 5 minutes by right of Johnson, the sun is chased after smooth for 47 smooth. Sikela and heart pull what season surprises to notch the sun precedes with 51-47, hit the target as Johnson, half of a game or contest ends the sun to exceed a rocket instead with 53-51.
Rocket planted agent double evil spirit get warm again after a cold spell exceeds instead afresh
Yi Bian again battle, garcia's buckling basket chases after smooth score, of a person of extraordinary powers of book of after this forest on basket and Smith notch continuously, help rocket precedes with 59-55, later the notching of A Xike of rocket double tower and Smith helps a rocket precede with 65-57. Later bilateral 3 minutes of successive forge iron, the rocket continues to precede with 65-60, harden uses a breakthrough to make continuously kill and wound, bilateral each other is attacked have without, as Delajiji on basket is hit into, chase after score to 4 minutes, 3 matches end, the rocket is score contrast 78-74 afresh.
Harden kills sun of win by a narrow margin of rocket Jing fetch absolutely
Minor details, da Deli helps the sun 3 minutes chase after to 79-80, small abstruse go up basket contrast, garcia and Beifuli notch continuously later, the rocket precedes with 84-81, as the basket on Beifuli and Jones, the rocket precedes with 88-83. What after passing, the sun depends on tower gram, Sikela is successive notch, chase after come to differ 1 minute only, later small abstruse send continuously with Sikela power, the Buy Cheap Air Jordan sun exceeds instead with 95-92. Of breakthrough penalty shot of Harden and Lin Shuhao jump cast hit the target help rocket exceeds 1 minute instead, do not cross Sikela tick off hand and penalty shot and small abstruse close over, later of Lin Shuhao two punish two in, help rocket is chased after smooth to 98 smooth, jump as what with a ha ascend cast procurable, the rocket kills sun of win by a narrow margin absolutely.
Both sides sends first:
Rocket: Lin Shuhao, Harden, Garcia, Smith, Axike
The sun: Gram of Delajiji, Johnson, tower, Morris, Sikela
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