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The perks of being the son of Dale Earnhardt stretch beyond inheriting a large fan base. There’s also the inherent right to speak as freely as desired while facing fewer repercussions than other drivers who might have to toe the line in a series that sometimes is bleached by sponsor-driven political correctness.Earnhardt admitted there are things he can say -- recently he lobbied for NASCAR to consider cutting its schedule -- that others can’t, and the topics he chooses automatically gain more credence.”I’ve always had that, even when I was young,” he said. ”It cut me a ton of breaks when it comes to being myself or speaking my mind. It depends on the sponsors, too. Some of the sponsors want you on this straight and narrow path. I’ve been able to do whatever within reason.”It was Earnhardt’s interviews that made a fan for life of Dan Hodson, the owner of Sportscapes Contstruction in Red Oak, Texas. Hodson has followed NASCAR for 30 years but was turned off by Dale Earnhardt’s arrogance. The first time Hodson. 42. heard Earnhardt Jr. talk he found him ”extremely genuine, honest, a bit awkward and socially inept. He was shy but when asked a question, he didn’t dodge it. He answered truthfully.”He’s the only guy on that circuit that has as much money and clout, but 100% of his fans think he’s a regular guy who wants to buy discount beef jerky and eat at the local restaurant,” Hodson said. ”It resonates that he probably would fit right in as the No. 2 oil guy at the Grease Monkey. It comes across as he’s got convictions and morals. I’ve seen drivers change because of public pressure, sponsor pressure. He doesn’t do that.”Earnhardt seems to embrace his infallibility. After finishing eighth at Pocono, he joked that he intentionally slowed down in the pits when others were busted for speeding because his fans and the news media give him grief for his mistakes.Many others drivers probably wouldn’t have admitted to being cognizant of the criticism, and Earnhardt said it took two years in Cup not to take things personally.”I don’t want to be perceived as a complainer; I just know when I miss my pit stall or get popped for speeding, I hear about it,” he said. ”I don’t read every story on the Internet or go to every fan forum. It gets to me through friends (and the media).”I don’t want to be on television because of those things, because I feel I’m a good, smart race car driver and shouldn’t make mistakes often,” he said. ”But when I do make mistakes, it gets a little attention. I just try to minimize that attention. So I don’t know if I’m thinking about that at the exact moment I’m pulling onto pit road every time, but I know the repercussions I face are no fun.”Performance ultimately does matter

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NFL Jerseys Cheap 2. As much as the Giants have been battered by injuries, they can at least take heart that the NFC East s favorite the Cowboys are in no better shape. Dallas had 11 players miss yesterday s practice in Oxnard, Calif., due to injury, and that was before offensive lineman Marc Colombo went down with a hurt knee Some scouts also suspect Tony Romo is playing with a back that s worse off than he will admit, and even though it s the preseason it has to be a concern to the Cowboys that they have yet to score a touchdown in the first two games. Could it be the Cowboys are haggard (and more vulnerable to injury) because they re paying the price for Jerry Jones ridiculous preseason schedule? Before they even open the season, the Cowboys will have traveled to Ohio, San Diego and Houston while training in California and San Antonio all so Jones can market an already wildly popular team that doesn t need the extra attention. Is it any wonder the late-model Cowboys always wear down in December and the playoffs?

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