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Jennifer Lopez in a 'Project Runway' judge Michael Kors dress on 'American Idol

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tennis pictures and hands

HomeHot TopicsPhotosFlickr: Your PicturesMost PopularVideosWeatherArchiveFrom The NewsroomSony Photo AwardsWorldHot TopicsMost PopularRepublic of IrelandEuropeUSAAsiaAfricaMiddle EastVideosArchiveThe FactboxCommentDon PanicTalking PoliticsTechnologyScienceHot TopicsMost PopularSpaceEnvironmentEnergyAnimals PetsArchiveEntertainmentHot TopicsMost PopularTV SoapMusicCultureShowbizVideosPhotosArchiveYour VoiceNike has announced the launch of its new Nike+ basketball boots in the UK allowing UK basketball players to measure countless stats as they play thanks to a bevy of sensors in the soles of the new shoes. Pocket was on hand to try them out.

The lightweight boot is made using the usual materials from Nike and comes in a striking black and blue design that depending on the colour of your kit will either work well or look awful. Nike has a strong heritage in basketball and them selves this shoe doesn't stray from the path.

We had cheap jerseys china the chance to do some slamdunk practice on concrete and for the 5 minutes we were wearing the shoe they felt comfortable. But that's not for the reason your here.

You want to know about the tech involved.

Inside is the Nike+ Sport indicator, A blackbox if you will that is built into each shoe that collects concerning the users' movement from pressure sensors michael kors outlet built into the sole of the shoe and then wirelessly transmitted in real time the data to a Nike+ Basketball app on their iPhone.

This currently Nike, The data is then translated into something tangible and pretty rather than an array of boring spread sheet data for you to analyse later.

In the case of the Nike + Basketball boots its dimensions are how high, How hard and how quick grinders play each game.

Sync up your shoes with the app and straight away you are given a graphical description of your shoes and the pressure you are applying. Go on your to your toes and the apps "heat map" Responds immediately. it's good fun in itself.

as you would expect, The data also captures Nike Fuel points so you can make sure complete picture of the is added to your daily total if you are working towards a set goal.

trying to encourage you to share your cool new shoes, The iPhone app also includes a 'Showcase' mode that enables players to record a dunk and superimpose their live data onto the video, Which can then be shared with their friends via Twitter, Facebook or somewhere else via YouTube. Yes we did when, Although we should caveat that Nike were kind enough to lower the hoop so we had a nfl jerseys china chance.

used, And we attempted to score "sizable" For the Showcase feature so we could share it you getting embarrassed.

First go we manage to jump over 20inches not bad seeing as we haven't played basketball for almost two decades (Excuses problems in later life), However that's still a considerable ways of LeBron James' 40inches plus when he gets some proper "air,

My point response,Maybe I can learn better.

And in that regard it succeeds and succeeds very well. It's obvious to see that if you play basketball is an excellent knowing how high you jumped, squandered you ran, Or even how intensely you ran over a game or in training will chinese wholesale jerseys be great for bragging with your mates.

Nike's problem however will be to help you take this new found data and help you turn it into something to take pleasure in rather than just some stats to say that once you were great.
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