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by 53 ucoyumdas ucoyumdas zegoplluqHA (2013-09-21)

bodog life

Moreover notice, the bodog life is in almost any one class left å­– treasure, all want to add to note to continue to buy, until buy to break to retract first [url=][/url] to buy 200 gnats.For example:Buy 200, win left, buy 400, and then win left, using live in addition to then add to note to buy 300, if win, buy 600, win and also then buy again 400,800;500,1000;600,1200......Buy ä½¢ to explode all this way.Again for example buy 200, lose left, buy 300, win left, buy 600, and then win left, hence continue to add to note:400,800;

If say "is weak greatly count laws", above-mentioned refrain from rash action to mean depend on all rate refrain from rash action(in probability), if say "strong few lawseses"s, the bodog life is above-mentioned to refrain from rash action to mean to almost as well as by all means refrain from rash action(almost surely/with probability one).

100 joy are random sexual, front several hand cards result in of chart type, to behind this influence of several hand cards must be positive or is all anti-ly have no inevitable cause and effect.Numerous bodog lives like to use the particular friend whom your cable plays cards along with almost depend on an anterior record to put up stakes, thought don't appear of or this regulation again in addition to again appearing is the particular blind spot"correspond", so [url=]Play Bingo Online Giggle Bingo Best Bingo Online[/url] everyone thinks that the square tries of look for dead angle from the particular record of front, so as to Be when put up stakes "correspond".

mentioned yesterday that this foreigner thinks that your Chinese didn't easily appear a wager Shu superior, in addition to this reason mentioned yesterday lacked this specific kind of wager to originally manage consciousness, as properly was a main cause.Nevertheless words although such, now I is trying to draw together many superiors, including the actual classmate that outer circle friend's elder brother Quan of Ma Zhu L , a my pole has mathematicsputer talent, bodog life with in addition to an original post industry gambler friend, seeing can constitute an on the gamble troops.

Although this Michael Lai Mo develops in 3 games in last week not good, in this clout to lead very what a mess, he has the Qian quality that be the ball star.In the particular bodog life on Tuesday of in your game, he gets for 26 cents, 14 throw 8 medium, but the last game in, he got for 27 cents along with also presented to public to fascinatingly and suddenly in addition to violently button up.

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