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Green Lantern Statues Maquettes Busts and action figures

The movie stars Ryan Reynolds as Hal Jordan and was published in the month of June 2011. Hal Jordan is the first earthman ever inducted into the intergalactic police force known as the Green Lantern Corps.

if you are a fan of the Green Lantern Comic Book and Movie you would surely like the Statues, statues, Maquettes, failures, And figures highlighted on this page. Purchase them on your own or a loved one. These beautiful pieces of art also make for great gift ideas for Halloween, seasonal, newest Year, and moreover Birthdays.

Sinestro is a bitter enemy of the green Lantern Corps. In this set of two statues Green Lantern drops off a Green energy blast to Sinestro who burns with Yellow fire.

The two characters are displayed on a standalone base which helps them interact with the other statues in the series and provides the particular to display them in different combinations.

saving money Lantern statue measures 7.33 inches in height. 4.5 inches in width. 5.25 inches in length. The Sinestro statue nfl jerseys china measures 8 inches high. 4.5 inches in width. 5 inches in total. Each set is packaged with these in a four color box.

Cool treasured for all Green Lantern and Hal Jordan fans. this glorious work of art features Hal Jordan cheap china jerseys with two Guardians of the Universe on a lanternshaped base.

The guardians of the Universe, often referred to as the Guardians or Oans are an extraterrestrial race. They evolved on a planet known as Maltus and are extremely intelligent. Their aim is to fight evil and order in the whole Universe.

Combine this sculpture with the other two pieces in the Legacies collection to complete the final word multipart Green Lantern statue.

Second in the Legacies sculpture series it features Kyle Rayner and a pioneering Manhunter robot. Use this piece as well as other two to create Alan Scott and complete the set.

Kyle Rayner is capable to build fantastic things with his Power Ring. His father Gabriel Vasquez is a MexicanAmerican CIA agent and Kyle grew up admiring Super Heroes like monster and Batman.

Manhunters were created by the Guardians of the Universe as an Inter Planetary police force. still, the energy corrupted them and the Guardians had to destroy the Manhunters. Some escaped and vowed to wipe out the Guardians and the Green Lantern Corps.

This Legacies sculpture measures more or less 9.75 inches wide tall. 6 inches wide. 10.25 long,in long. exclusive edition of 1500 pieces, Handpainted, Coldcast in pottery, Includes a 4color certificate of authenticity and is packaged in a four color box.

Green Lantern Statues Maquettes Busts and figures

Green Lantern is a Super Hero Movie using the DC Comic Book of the wholesale jerseys same name. the initial Comic Book was written by Gil Kane and John Broome. film production company.

Best Green Lantern Costumes for the halloween season

Green Lantern is the story plot of Hal Jordan a superb Pilot, Who is chosen by an enchanting Green, To become a part of the InterGalactic Superheroes. the green La.

Green Lantern Masks Ring MakeUp Kits and instruments

Green Lantern the on screen adaptation of DC Comic Books Super Hero of the same name was published this year. The Movie wasn't as big a hit as among the.

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