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12 flights cancelled as AI pilots strike enters 4th day

by 54 duhthouct duhthouct Zk9Ya6La4HM (2013-10-10)

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I've been a Liverpool fan all my life, but when I was about 10 in 1971 I had a Liverpool kit and also a Leeds Utd kit complete with sock tieup tags with the 10 on them. These were tie ups that had a tag about 4"x4" that had your shirt number on them and mine was 10 Johnny Giles number. God knows why I had a Leeds kit, I had no influences other than the fact that Leeds were one of the best teams around at that time. My Scouse father made me see the light and since then I've only ever had Liverpool or England shirts. In my early 20's I played for both Luton Town Stevenage Boro and I always felt a slight sense of disloyalty when I pulled on their shirts.

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