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Eddie Jordan represents knight in shining armor for Rutgers players

On Saturday afternoon, After sitting in the stands watching an offseason practice at what would be his new home court, Eddie Jordan retreated up to what is now previously his office. He barely spoke 50 words after viewing his Rutgers team for the first time and now wanted to get to know them. the actual fact that he is a native son of Old Queens, He had been a stranger to his players, So he said excitedly to come up in pairs.

Two all by two, The six still left members of the Scarlet Knights walked two flights of stairs to spend quality time with Jordan in his office.

"He knew all about us, Kelley, A freshman walkon the following past season, discussed. "He knew our high faculties, How many points I averaged in graduation. He knew I was the chatterbox on the team. He knew Myles was our leading heading back scorer. He knew Wally hook was his skills. He knew all of it about us and that meant a lot, Because it meant that he was interested. your dog truly does care,

It was those introductory meetings between the new coach and the six players he could count on that finally diffused 19 days of tension and uncertainty.

Kelley and with the remainder of his teammates had a frontrow seat Tuesday afternoon at the rickety old College Avenue Gym "the entire Barn" As it known in the collage community as Jordan was officially introduced as the next head coach at Rutgers. They sat there as he mentioned being michael kors outlet online a "nanny" For the product and saying that: "we should regain our pride and dignity to our university,

They clapped for those activities, Not this was a reprieve from three weeks of scandal, But as Jordan had already won them over.

It was the first task on what might be a long list for the 58yearold former Scarlet Knights star, As he inputs a fiveyear deal worth $6.25 million.

but there's no gentle easing into his new gig.

Jordan arrives at his alma mater after two decades in the NBA at the most critical point in the program history. In the wake of the Mike Rice scandal where videotaped abuses at health care practices cost the head coach, helper Jimmy Martelli and athletic director Tim Pernetti their jobs the Scarlet Knights were at a crossroads. Five players from this past season team had relocated or announced their intent to do so, this sort of leading scorer Eli Carter. He had to sell his new team quickly soon after keep working.

"I thought just that start was good for our love, Jordan said of those player meetings over the past weekend. "It was a great place for us to start. or maybe, It could work with us,

As soon as his starting press conference was over, there was no night of schmoozing and gladhanding donors. Jordan was in a car to the big apple to recruit. He will spend his first official weekend as the new head coach at AAU tourneys in Philadelphia and Hampton, va. He knows he has several defections Mike Poole announced yesterday he will transfer to Iona, While Carter had inhome visits with Pittsburgh and Florida but hopes to fill roster spots as soon as possible.

One problem he likely doesn have to worry about is the future of any of the six players on his roster, that include, Mack and jack port, Both of whom said yesterday afternoon on many occasions they'd be staying at Rutgers.

"He been handy, Mack cited. "He already told us a few aspects of our games that we have to work on, So it is all totally coming out great,

Mack and the others said that they have been working on some of the defected players, that tend to have not yet signed transfer papers to other schools, to come back to Rutgers. Jordan listened to their concerns when html]cheap china jerseys they spoke about the significance of keeping current assistants David Cox and Van Macon on staff. While Jordan said that Cox and Macon whose contracts run through the end of June will continue to be evaluated, He cited the significance of the players relationship with both men, Who were given Rutgers when Rice was hired.

"the youngsters clapped when I said I was keeping those two, jordan said. "That central. That important,

It a balancing act. Jordan will be trying to restore the image of a program that hasn made an NCAA Tournament appearance since he left for the pros and sell players on playing for a program that is marred by public scandal all against the backdrop of entering the Big Ten in 2014.

In launching the hire, Rutgers President Robert Barchi asserted Jordan is "The right leader at a pivotal moment for our men tennis program,

Jordan is trying to accomplish to produce before he even coaches his first game with the Scarlet Knights. selecting, rebuilding, restructuring. the whole thing on his plate. But two by two over the weekend, He was able to check the important tasks off his list: chinese wholesale jerseys Getting his players to believe in a man they had only read anything about, But usually never had met.

"A lot of guys thought we would leave, Jack recounted. "And then you not sure what going on with your circumstance. it's him, It was easy to make your mind up on whether or not I was going to stay or leave. owing to a guy like that, That made my decision to stay more convenient,

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