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Thunder of graceful couplet VS is fourth Red demon fears lifting goal mad tide again to 3 coronals king

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Thunder of graceful couplet VS is fourth: Red demon fears lifting goal mad tide again to 3 coronals king
Beijing time on Feburary 19 (Zhou Er) before dawn 4:0, england of 2012-13 sports season is sufficient a competition that total cup will have sufficient total cup the 5th round, graceful couplet in old Telafude field meets Lei Ding head-on, the graceful couplet that 3 lines fight does not hope to hit replay for certain, and main goal of Lei Ding is league matches protect class to won't take cup contest seriously. Be at war toward accomplishment There is engage in a battle 17 times only on two teams history, graceful couplet 9 get the better of 7 smooth 1 negative hold absolutely dominant position, both sides has been at war 12 times in sufficient total cup, graceful couplet 6 get the better of 5 smooth 1 negative. Graceful couplet is defeated by thunder exclusively Ding Hai wants restrospect to distant in January 1927. Two teams are in recently engage in a battle of sufficient total cup is in 2006-07 sports season the 5th round, graceful couplet advocate field 1-1 is forced make the same score by Lei Ding, win by a narrow margin of 3-2 of replay guest field promotes. Graceful couplet advances to 3 coronals king Graceful couplet is continueing oneself the dream of 3 coronals king, in league matches, they precede graceful city reachs winning in hand of 12 minutes of league matches, in Ou Guanzhong, the knockout of they and emperor horse head the bout kicks 1-1, second bout is returned advocate the possibility of field promotion is very large, and the 3rd battlefront is sufficient total cup, advocate coutlet nike shox mens come up against Lei Ding, graceful couplet has very large possibility to continue to advance, lei Ding holds off graceful couplet very hard. Graceful couplet reserve is behaved In just mixed emperor Martha battle one field hind, ferguson won't expedite total main force for certain on sufficient total cup, like Feidinade such veteran basically can rest, reserves can get a chance for certain. Buddhist nun of the Walunxiya in the reserve, accept needs him proof very much, otherwise oneself can become very bleak in the future of graceful couplet, and sweet plain the accept of true department, bit player need that joined in last summer blends in team as soon as possible. Is the match goal big fight? Two teams bout of Ying Chao head is in this sports season Lei Ding advocate the match of field became goal big fight, two teams infiltrate in half of a game or contest 7 balls made the same score record of goal of Ying Chao first half, finally win by a narrow margin of graceful couplet 4-3, what the defend difference of the Lei Ding in that match and placement attack is good the impression that left profundity to the person. This field match, lei Ding also does not lack breach the method of graceful couplet goal, more what is more,the rather that this field line of defence returns graceful couplet won't brunt gives fight, do not cross themselves defend also won't good, because of them itself defends level not beautiful, also won't go all out to death for sufficient total cup. The injury stops Graceful couplet injury: Fulaiche (in) , Sikeersi (in) halt competition: Do not have doubt: Without Lei Ding injury: Luo Baici (forward) , McCarthy (door general) halt competition: Do not have doubt: Triumphant shellfish (in) , Laigete Wood (in) Forecast a hair Graceful couplet (442) : Lin Degao / accept of Raphael, Si Molin, Weidiji, bit / Walunxiya, Anderson, Jigesi Lei Ding (442) : Feidailiji / triumphant benefit, Maliyapa, Pierce, Hart / Maikanafu, A Kepan, Kalakan, Maikelili Netease sports(responsibility edits: Guan Wei)

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