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Division exposing to the sun compares 450 thousand monthly pay or already quoted into rich and powerful family of Turkey of heart swell teammate

by 222 zoxabcezfj zoxabcezfj jfosbfaqhoCW (2013-04-18)

Division exposing to the sun compares 450 thousand monthly pay or already quoted into rich and powerful family of Turkey of heart swell teammate
Beijing time on July 17 before dawn, according to the United States the most authoritative choose beautiful net " Draftexpress " stationmaster Jonathan - Jiwoni's message says, division of NBA super giant star is compared - Bulaiente is adjacent with Turkey rich and powerful family the team signs Beixikedasi working contract. And it is 12 hours ago, swell of heart of another NBA giant star - Musitong crosses Williams the individual is pushed special the government announces already with Beixikedasi group label is made an appointment with. It is reported Beixikedasi the team prepared a monthly pay for division comparing the contract of 450 thousand dollar, monthly pay tower above of Bidelong restrains 250 thousand dollar.
Division comparing is one of current world's finest basketball athletes, he has extremely high box-office appeal power, at present " small flying a person adept in martial arts and given to chivalrous conduct " having commercial activity in China. The be involved in of football team near future that team pennant issues Beixikedasi bets ball scandal, two officials are arrested by Turkey police. The account that the message calls Beixikedasi the team has been frozen, but this message had be notted confirm, if the report is accurate, so more or less does the club have Beixikedasi some of misfortune. The sports season on the team signs Beixikedasi " the answer " Alan - Ai Fusen, now Xia You and autograph of De Longcheng result are made an appointment with, in addition still reached with Chu Liya of eagle center handkerchief join in agreement. The possibility that division comparing joins in appears not small, but but the can affect division comparing event as a result process of false ball case...
Can the monthly pay of 450 thousand dollar move division comparing? Not be so simple only apparently. Because NBA is immersed in come to a standstill, the basketball career that abroad pan him continuance goes to before the player that because this does not have a ball,can make can choose. Division comparing does not lack cash, nevertheless he does not hope not to have a ball because of come to a standstill to be able to be hit absolutely. The possibility that CBA plays a ball game comes before there ever was a message to point out division comparing has before, before this shows from another flank division comparing has, go abroad the possibility that play a ball game. It is early in fact at the beginning of July, have media stuff exposing to the sun the team is chasing after Beixikedasi division comparing. A bit can affirm, if division comparing signs Yaobeixikedasi really team, the meeting in that contract has article of a special case, once NBA come to a standstill ends,that is, division comparing can jump out immediately the contract answers lake person to play a ball game.
In addition of the sports season below lake person bring hold imperative, " los angeles times " recommended a bold general for team, he is Jason - Lichadesen. This before the king that buckle basket is unlimited free player, go up sports season he is in Feinikesi the discount nike shox sun plays a ball game first; Be traded to come after that Orlando is magic. 2010-11 sports season, jason - Lichadesen's yearly salary reachs 14 million dollar. Still remember going up does sports season convention surpass earlier sun and lake person one battle? That match Jason - Lichadesen is cast medium 7 3 cent balls. Jason - Lichadesen not only fitness is conspicuous can buckle basket, exterior line also comparatives essence of life is accurate. Professional career Jason - 3 minutes of balls of Lichadesen score a hit rate achieve 37.3 .
2001, golden city Trojan is in first-run the 5th arrange a pitch on Jason - Lichadesen, he already mixed mark in alliance up to now 10 year. Person of sports season lake fails to defend crown successfully on, have very big concern with the bad watch of exterior line; Accordingly today the exterior line bowler that summerly lake person hopes to be able to seek a stability. From the point of this respect, jason - Lichadesen is a pretty good person selected. Bearing as a result of lake person of course greater wage pressure, so if Jason - if Lichadesen wants to join in, yearly salary respect will naturally have bigger concession. Total champion and ten million yearly salary, this pair of Jason - Lichadesen is a choice title, he must make his decision.

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