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Minor details hurricane 3 minutes, fierce dragon 104

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Minor details hurricane 3 minutes, fierce dragon 104
Fierce dragon advocate meet hart head-on, two teams are hit 3 times afore be inextricably involved, last come up fierce dragon in successive violent wind 3 3 minutes, only part scores a hit 6 write down 3 minutes, with one action is established get the better of bureau. Final whole group 6 people notch on double fierce dragon advocate repel the hart that call in with 104-95, the contest before season is obtained up to now 4 get the better of 1 negative good combat gains.
Data side: Er of Ma of moral character of fierce dragon group - Deluozan chops below 21 minutes, andeliya - Baniyani 17 minutes, triumphant Er - Luoruigong presents 15 minutes of 6 secondary attack, amier - Johnson, Yaonasi - accept of made of baked clay Lan Qiu this He Alan - install Desensanren to get 10 minutes.
Hart here: Unconscious tower - Elise takes below 26 minutes of 5 secondary attack, michael - the reserve contributes Deng Liwei 21 minutes, ai Sen - Yiliyasuowa gets 7 secondary attack 19 minutes, other notch without the person on double.
De Luozan is written down jump cast for fierce dragon first beginning, zhan Ning Si guides hart to be chopped repeatedly 6 minutes strong backstroke. Fierce dragon chooses to launch attack in exterior line, baniyani pulls periphery chronically to send artillery piece, luorui and phenanthrene Er at present also are in continuously in remote procurable. The eye sees team is backward, elise stood to hit the target to write down 3 minutes instantly, jump continuously again later cast hit the target to chop 7 minutes repeatedly. Yiliyasuowa also makes persistent efforts, in dash forward outside cast, remnant is returned 1 minute in first pull open score when 04 seconds for 25-18, the first last hour Lucas sansei hits the target to write down 3 minutes, help fierce dragon will divide difference to be chased after.
Second section match comes up, lucas continued good feel, again medium write down 3 minutes, after two teams are hit into a few balls each later, begin from 10 minutes of 18 seconds, kaerdelong and Lucas guide fierce dragon to hit the Xiaogao tide that writes down 10-0, exceed score quickly instead. After hart pauses, adjust, a standard-sized sheet of Deng Liwei firepower, he is added 3 minutes jump cast chopped 7 cent general score to be moved again repeatedly, two teams begin tough seesaw battle later, score rises alternately, elise is punished in help hart obtains two balls one minute to precede, battle of half of a game or contest stops.
Easy edge of the second half again battle, come up Baniyaniliande 5 minutes of strong begin. Harris has fight back with 3 minutes, very fast, elise again come out boldly and Yiliyasuowa chop below 10 minutes together, the firepower that lets across De Luozan appears pale, hart obtained 4 minutes to precede. Nevertheless Luorui Cheap Jordan 2013 and Barney are united in wedlock outside Yaninei, guide fierce dragon to seek branch hard, however firepower of Deng Liwei and Ai Lisi is very fierce, fierce dragon is being squelched all the time, when 3 matches end, of Elise on basket adapts score for 77-74.
Last of decisive battle, wind and cloud-a stormy or unstable situation of the situation on field is choppy, the offensive of fierce dragon comes so that be without omen, one begin Lucas sansei and Anderson hit the target continuously 3 write down 3 minutes, hit so that hart is without guard against. Fierce Long Li requests to suspend making namely adjust, the Deng Liwei after coming back is applied calmly shoot in casting 3 minutes, breakthrough of Zhan Ning Si will divide difference to wipe smooth. Below sober organization of Kaerdelong, fierce Long Liande is obtained 6 minutes once more banner. The match returns remnant 3 minutes when 29 seconds, luorui and Baniyani hit the target again continuously 3 write down 3 minutes, lock of with one action is gotten the better of surely bureau. Later although hart is chased hard, but ground of fierce dragon firmly dominates the game, final score decided case to be in 104-95, fierce dragon advocate field reassume is gotten the better of.

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