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Cling to Sa makes known his position to wish to call protracted battle for small way We have capital to procrastinate to rise

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Cling to Sa makes known his position to wish to call protracted battle for small way: We have capital to procrastinate to rise
Will describe with an abyss of sufferingAsennaAdvocate the place of handsome Wen Ge, it may be said is very apt. Send in 7 million poundKe LixiLater, captainFabuleijiasiturn the number one important or urgent business that meeting soap opera will make gunman. With different last year, small way expresses already clearly, do not be willing to be kickball of A dark accept again, beg only turn immediately can arrive parent groupBarcelona. But, dispute over trifles as a result of the problem that spearman and membership due turns between Ba Sazhi ceaseless, the problem of a home to return to of small way can continue only protracted. The message shows, barcelona respect has made the preparation that calls protracted battle, the plan contends to turn before meeting market is shut last minutes for small way and gunman.
Of Barcelona government quote first, have 27 million pound only, but gunman stands very toughly on the ask a price of 40 million pound, a bit not release what is held. Although small way is willing from dig down, take out 5 million pound to assist cling to Sa, their quote still the psychological bottom line of dark accept of short of A. Luosaier of Barcelona club chairman, once acceptingSpainWhen media is interviewed, express, value short of of Fabuleijiasi 40 million euro, do not carry 40 million pound.
Of Fabuleijiasi turn can be destined is not a level road. Basis " daily Post " report, batuomeiwu of Barcelona club vice-chairman (Josep Bartomeu) expresses external, cling to the preparation that Sa has prepared dozen of protracted battle, sit to negotiate with Asenna, until turn before meeting market is shut last minutes. This Zhou San, cling to Chairman Sa Luosaier is watched from South AmericaAmerica cupEurope is returned after, will throw in the negotiation with Asenna immediately. It is reported, cling to Sa respect is willing Cheap Air Jordans to raise quoted price 34 million pound, but need among them 29 years oldBrazilBorder rear guardMark Si WeierAdd in trade. Small way is expected can finish on the weekend turn meeting, but refuse what expect the quoted price that Basadi gives still can suffer Wen Ge readily.
Turning the moment of truth that the talk sentences, cling to Vice-chairman Sa Batuomeiwu encourages small way publicly not to abandon hoping, had made the preparation that makes extended war at the same time. Batuomeiwu is taken out on sports seasonMasiqielanuoOn August 30 fromLiverpudlianTurn meeting cling to the case of Sa, comfort small way. Cling to Vice-chairman Sa expresses: "Mix a few of in the past years on the experience of sports season tells us, we need when turn the star just can be signed momently before meeting window is shut. Go up the last hour of sports season, we finish important autograph to make an appointment with, we have the most formidable battle array on the world, because this can await completely. Do not need completely anxious, we are OK when last hour. What we need to worry is, other club is taller than our bade, but cling to Sa should be absorption the business that has done oneself. But cling to Sa should be absorption the business that has done oneself..
Meanwhile, cling to Sa chief inspector revive pizza thunder tower also conveyed identical meaning. Revive pizza thunder tower expresses: "We must play carefully. It seems that we were not made breathtaking turn can represent us lazy and same, but some things need not be done publicity. Join in to those longing cling to the player of Sa, we are thanked very. "

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