Vol 33, No 105 (2009)

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Editorial PDF
Louise Cooke 1-3

Invited Contributions

Libraries R 4 Learning: supporting the Curriculum for Excellence in Aberdeenshire PDF
Sue Cromar 4-9
Collecting case studies / exemplars of good practice to enrich The National Information Literacy Framework (Scotland) PDF
Christine Margaret Irving 10-19
The future is skills PDF
Ian McCracken 20-35


Recent research and resources on: Open access publishing PDF
Janet Clapton 36-38

Research Articles

Interviews via VoIP: Benefits and Disadvantages within a PhD study of SMEs PDF
Naomi Victoria Hay-Gibson 39-50
Modelling-through-reaction: its nature, implementation and potential PDF
Andrew Kenneth Shenton 51-61

Refereed Research Articles

Understanding our value; assessing the nature of the impact of library services PDF
David Bawden, Andrew Calvert, Lyn Robinson, Christine Urquhart, Colin Bray, John Amosford 62-89
Like an open book? Accessibility of e-book content for academic study in a diverse student population PDF
Laura Joy Muir, Thomas Veale, Anne Nichol 90-109

Book Reviews

SAUERS, Michael P. Searching 2.0. London: Facet Publishing. 2009. PDF
Rachel Fitzgerald 110-111
DEVINE, Jane and EFFER-SIDER, Francine. Going Beyond Google: The invisible web in learning and teaching. London: Facet Publishing. 2009. PDF
Rob Howe 112-113
McNICOL, Sarah. Joint-Use Libraries: Libraries for the Future. Oxford: Chandos Publishing. 2008. PDF
Kate Littlemore 114-115
MATTHEWS, Graham, SMITH, Yvonne, KNOWLES, Gemma. Disaster management in archives, libraries and museums. Farnham: Ashgate Publishing. 2009. PDF
Philip Thornborow, Phil Oakman 116-117

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